Smart hacks to follow when your car is not starting!

You woke up. Got fresh!  And finally, you are ready to start your day! You put the key in the ignition of your car, turn it on and your car is not starting. If this happens to you, don’t panic.  If you’re at home, there are a few things you can do to fix this before calling a tow!

Different Types of Car Not Starting Problems

What to do, if your car doesn’t start?

If you find the starter of your car goes “click”, then turn on the dome light and watch it while you try to start the engine. In case the light goes out, it’s a sign of a dead battery. To heat up the battery, try out the key cycling trick. But if the dome light stays bright, try smacking the starter.

What if you have an empty gas tank?

You might feel silly if this is the reason why your car isn’t starting, but this happens more often than you may think! Especially when you have had a long drive, you tend to forget that your gas tank needs to be refilled. 

What if your car engine cranks and doesn’t fire up?

  • First, try swapping relays:

You need to turn your key to the “Run” position and listen for a buzzing sound. If you hear no sound, you must know that the fuel pump relay is bad. First, you need to find the location of the fuel pump relay in your car’s manual. Then jerk the fuel pump relay and try to locate another relay. Swap it with the fuel pump and finally push it straight into the socket. Try to start the engine thereafter. And if it doesn’t then probably you need to go for the other trick!

  • Try smacking the fuel tank:

Try hitting the bottom of the fuel tank several times with the heel of your shoe to jerk the fuel pump motor. Then try starting the vehicle or else you can try unflooding your car’s flooded engine! Don’t panic and hurt yourself while solving the problem of the car not starting.

  • Try unflooding a flooded engine:

If you smell gas, be sure that the engine is flooding. Press the accelerator pedal to the floor and hold it while you crank the engine. And if this trick also fails, then switch on to the next and the final trick!

  • Try tricking the computer

A vacuum leak can result in an air mixture that can cause your engine to get cold. You can try starting your engine by pressing the accelerator halfway.


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What if your car is not showing up lights and sound?

Perhaps your car has a battery connection problem. But don’t worry. The first trick is to check the cable connections at the battery. They may look fine, but it would be great if you can twist and turn them by hand. Remove them, clean them with a paper towel reconnect and try again. You can trust battery of brands like Trane, Zeetex and Bosch but what about the other not so reliable batteries.

What to do, when your car is giving a crank with a grinding noise?

Start with cycling the key on and off three or four times to start your car’s engine. If you get a grinding noise, know that there is a fault in your car’s flywheel, so get your car to the shop right away.

What if your car is not starting at all?

Despite following all the above-mentioned tricks, if your car fails to start, then there is a serious issue with the battery of your car. A discharged or dead battery is one of the possible reasons for a car not to start. It indicates that your car needs a thorough service at an authorized service center.

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