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Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

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Social Media Marketing

No matter how attractive your cuisine is, if you do not drive people to your business, your efforts go overlooked. This is why a presence on social media is important as a restaurant.

In large markets like the UAE, restaurants and food businesses cannot survive without their social media marketing. The demand for social media marketing Dubai for restaurants and food chains is increasing rapidly.

How Often Restaurant Business Posts on Social Media?

A basic rule is to attempt to publish at least three times each week on your company’s social media pages, otherwise, you risk losing your involvement. Try posting multiple times a week and utilize the following methods to obtain social media content ideas from innovative restaurants which will certainly match your audience.

Whether you handle your restaurant’s online presence, assign it to a dedicated team member or employ someone to become a restaurant’s full-time marketing manager, it is always good to be inspired by other restaurants, who kill the social media game and take the digital traffic to the business.

Create Your Social Media Profiles

Each restaurant should have three social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Facebook – 49% of people are looking for restaurants on Facebook.

Instagram – Instagram is the first social media app for restaurant brands.

Twitter – Twitter users have the highest commitment to restaurants compared to other industries on Twitter.

Make sure you fill in as much information as possible when you complete the information about your business on your social media marketing sites. Your site, company hours, telephone number, and a website link are the details you should provide with your profile; just to mention a few.

Ensure that all of your information on such social media sites matches your local listings, such as Google My Business. By guaranteeing continuous social media information and listings, your business may be ranked better on Google Maps for local searches.

Make Videos

If social video generates 1,200 percent more shares than text and photos combined, your restaurant has to use video in your marketing plan for social media. You may advertise new things with video, showcase your staff, look at the customers ‘behind the scenes,’ offer culinary instruction or even take a question and a thing with your chef or cook.

The average person who spends three-fold more time watching a live video than a live person can use video marketing in your restaurant.

Create Contests for Customers

You establish relationships, loyalty, and commitment to your consumers and followers when you organize social media contests. Some social media competitions you may have at your restaurant may be a one-year gratis supper, gift cards, and even free Super Bowl Party activities. Indeed, 79 percent of consumers only enjoy their incense and discounts on their Facebook profiles. In order to acquire more pleasure and involvement in social media accounts, utilize competitions to give discounts to your consumers.

Create Photos Repute

Instagram, nearly 93% of users say their buying decision is influenced by the visual appearance of products. That is why it might signify anything by uploading stunning and beautiful images on your social network.

The quality of the pictures you upload on your social media should antic potential clients to pay a visit to your business.

If you have established a unique brand for your restaurant or have a visually pleasing atmosphere you don’t have to confine your pictures to your cuisine, you want to capture it too.

Potential consumers are concerned not only with the quality of the cuisine but also with the place to spend high-quality time at your restaurant. After viewing your photographs your potential consumers must remark “Now I must visit this restaurant!.”

Respond Your Reviews and Queries

Corporate reputation for a restaurant is all about it. Unchecked reviews might indicate several of your prospective clients asking whether they are going to visit your establishment. Fortunately, 71% of consumers say they suggest a firm that answers them fast via social media.

So, whether a consumer has given your social media a bad or favorable review, make sure that you react to them as soon as feasible. In certain instances, if you answer a bad review soon enough, you can remedy the problem swiftly and users can pass the unfavorable review.


Social media as a restaurant is a means of keeping your consumer at the top. Either you take services from a digital marketing company or manage it internally, you cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing. By adopting these simple ideas, all of your social media channels will boost your interaction to increase brand awareness and traffic to your restaurant.

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