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Solar street lights with CCTV camera vs. Conventional street lights

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Solar street lights with CCTV camera vs. Conventional street lights

Since the last decade or so, solar energy products have managed to invade almost all spaces, be it offices, commercial complexes, households, parks and even streets. They are being installed at all places mainly with the objective to save the environment and on utility bills. Solar street lighting systems offered by the leading solar street light manufacturer is considered to be a revolutionary product. This is because it offers several benefits, something not possible with conventional lamps. Such lamps derive energy from the sun while offering bright light at night in the area where it is installed. It can also be installed at places like steep hills and forests where traditional light can be tough to be installed.

Differences to note between traditional light and solar powered street light

  • Illumination & Visibility: Today’s modern styled green-energy lighting systems are manufactured with LED lamps. They offer greater visibility and are quite sharper quite similar to that of sunlight. On the other hand, conventional street lights tend to have metal halide lamps that is not as good as LED ones.
  • Impact upon environment: It is a known fact that conventional lighting systems make use of non-renewable energy. On the other hand, solar powered ones use renewable energy mainly derived from the sun. It is necessary to understand that renewable energy is fast disappearing and hence, the need for an alternative resource. Manufacturers have mushroomed across the globe to meet the growing need for affordable alternative lighting system resources such as solar powered lights for all purposes. To protect the environment as well as coming generations, renewable energy sources are to be used. It is indeed a major benefit that cannot be ignored or neglected even when considering installing street lights.
  • Lifespan: When comparing traditional and solar powered lights, you can easily find that the latter has a much longer lifespan. It is designed to last for 25 years or even more. But conventional ones can offer just about 5,000 hours after which you need to replace them immediately. This also means costly replacements.
  • Dependability: Solar light systems can also be termed be termed to be green energy powered systems. It can illuminate throughout the night even if there are power cuts due to main supply short supply or other issues. The reason is because they act independently and get their power source from the sun’s energy and not from the main unit. Hence, they are completely reliable to make the place bright even when it is dark outside. One look at the different categories at https://www.cmoonlight.com/ is sure to help you make the right choice.
  • Maintenance: The fact is both conventional and solar powered lighting systems do require maintenance. But the latter requires the least maintenance since these are mostly independent units and needs only periodical checking to ensure optimum performance. But the conventional styled ones are connected with the help of long wires that requires thorough examination to ensure proper functioning. Hence, in case of conventional lighting system, if there emerges some issue, tackling it can be a painstaking and time consuming job that specialist can only perform.

Differences to note between traditional light and solar powered street light

Presently, you may install Solar street lights with CCTV camera to increase safety and brightness of your place.

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