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Carnations are alluring, graceful, and glorious. These flowers have been around for more than 2000 years and are associated with a lot of sentiments and it is no surprise. They are used on various occasions depicting positivity.

You don’t have to go outside in these pandemic conditions to a florist to buy them. You could always order them from the comfort of your place and get the online flower delivery in Delhi.

However, Flowers boost up a person’s mood, and these heavily petalled, fragrant, and radiant flowers are there to light up the mood of the person to whom you are sending these flowers.

The story of carnations is never-ending as in older times they were used on decorating crowns thereby the name of carnation derived from the word “coronation”.

There is also the myth of Diana as when she was returning from her unsuccessful hunting trip she came across a shepherd playing the flute and blamed his music for ruining her hunt, soon she plucked his eyes out as she was enraged but as she realized after some time that the shepherd was innocent, regret took upon her. Those eyes which fell turned to carnations representing innocent blood. Although there are many other versions of the story.

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The carnation is also called the “flower of God” as it is again associated with Zeus. It is also the flower for the month so January. Carnations are fragrant and are known to be long-lasting.

Here are a few colors and we will be talking about their representations according to the colors they have:



Blood and desire are often represented
by the color red but along with those
colors the color red also talks about
passions and romance with a lot of
energy. So the red carnation conveys the
same messages as the red roses but
along with that they also convey
admiration and adoration. It is also seen
that the red carnations are worn on
mayday to represent socialism and the labor movement.
If you want to say “I love you” you could always choose carnations but traditionally we all know that rose is the one to epitomize love.


As we know that yellow is a color full
of optimism and warmth and is used
to express gratitude and prosperity
but in this case, it is not quite the case
as here yellow carnation is used to
depict rejection or disappointment
towards someone. If you feel like you
want to break up with someone you
can present a bouquet of yellow
carnations to them.



Red rose
They represent a mother’s undying love
for her children. As the Christian legend
says, the pink carnations bloomed when
mother Mary saw Jesus Christ carrying
the cross. And she wept to see that and
wherever those tears fell the pink
carnations blossomed from those parts.
The light pink carnations show tender
and motherly love. Although when it comes to the dark pink carnations,
they are also used on the first date to express the blooming love that is
taking place.


White is always the color associated
with purity, innocence, and serenity
but when it comes to white
carnations, they are used to symbolize
Goodluck. So present them when
someone is doing something new or
when they are beginning a new
chapter of their life. you can also
present the bouquet to an elder on
their birthday and express that you
are inspired by them. Although it is
seen that in the Netherlands, the white carnations are worn to

remember the veterans and the country’s resistance to the second
world war.
So you don’t have to present only one color as these carnations are can be mixed while presenting someone a bouquet, you can also add a cake, chocolates, and teddy bear according to your need and get these flowers delivered.

And order flowers online and cake delivery in Bangalore is also available and express your emotions to your loved ones, you may be far or near but these flowers know how to express these emotions that are there. Order the fresh flowers from bloomsvilla and get thee delivered to your
loved ones. Don’t make your emotions wait, express them!

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