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Sponsor licence renewal – Key aspects to know

by M Sakhawat
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Typically, a sponsor licence is conceded for a period of four years, after which it will lapse except if the employer finds a way to renew it before the expiry date. An application to renew a sponsor licence ought to be made eventually as UK Home Office can not prevent the sponsorship licence from lapsing should any unexpected and compelling circumstances emerge.

Conditions to renew a sponsor licence

Simply put, a sponsorship renewal can happen on multiple occasions. Sometimes due to the natural course of sponsor licence expiry and other outcomes could be either of the following if the renewal is not timely processed:

  1. Reduce or remove your CoS allocation
  2. Downgrade your licence to a B-rating
  3. Revoke your licence
  4. Suspend your licence pending further investigation

An application to reestablish a sponsor licence ought to be made online utilizing the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) and can be made as long as 90 days before the expiry date of the sponsorship licence. You must apply for a sponsor licence renewal before this time frame set forth by the Government.

When a business has effectively presented an application for renewal, the UK Home Office might demand documentation recorded as per Appendix A of the sponsor licence guidance or some other data/documentation identified with the business. The employer/business should then send this documentation to the UK Home Office within five working days.

Under any circumstances, if the employer wishes to continue to recruit workers from abroad, then sponsor licence renewal must be timely done to avoid licence revocation.

Failure to renew a sponsor licence

In the event that an employer neglects to renew the sponsor license and it lapses, this will have various ramifications for both the organisation and the migrant workers. A portion of these results are recorded beneath: 

  1. the employer can not allocate additional CoS.
  2. any migrant worker actually hired by the employer will have their leave diminished.
  3. the employer will be eliminated from the Register of Sponsors

Fee changes and organisation size

There is a certain amount of fee you must pay for sponsor license renewal. The sponsor licence fee is dependent on the size of the organisation.

Organisations named medium or large are required to pay a sponsor license fee of £1,476 per renewal. However, this fee is not for the small organisations.

An business firm or organization would likely qualify as a small organisation if any two conditions meet:

  1. Organisation has at least 50 employees or less
  2. Organisation’s annual turnover is £10.2 million or less
  3. Organisation’s total assets are worth £5.1 million or below

How can you renew your licence hassle-free?

Sponsor licence obligations are mandatory under any circumstances. The Home Office would not restrict itself to take actions when it comes to auditing and knowing that any organisation has failed to comply with the sponsorship duties.

You need legal assistance to know how best you can apply for sponsorship licence renewal. 

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