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Spotify promo cards get new features for its update

by Uneeb Khan
Spotify promo cards get new features for its update

Spotify added three new features to its promo cards following artist feedback. The platform included milestone promo cards, additional languages, and playlists in the latest upgrade. The spotify for artist promo cards is customizable artwork shared on social media platforms to promote artists, albums, or songs.

What is spotify promo cards?

The spotify for artist promo cards is an on-platform music promotion tool. You can create attractively bright graphics with specific text promoting music brands featured on spotify’s popular playlists. The feature allows artists to share personalized content with their fans and market their music on social media and other promotion platforms.

You can inform your followers about your latest releases using the promo cards. You can also use it to celebrate notable events like the anniversary of your famous track.

Added features of the latest spotify promo cards upgrade

Following the requests, spotify included three new features in its promo cards new update

  • Milestone promo cards

This latest promo card experience allows artists to celebrate their significant achievements with their spotify fans. It has two options: artist follower milestones and charts milestones.

Artist follower milestones: spotify artists can create milestone cards when they reach a certain number of followers, like 1k, 5k, 10k, and others. You will receive the milestone notification in your spotify for artist account. Through your follower milestone promo card, you can show appreciation to your fans for following you. You can also encourage other spotify users to follow suit.

You can select the aspect ratio and color of your follower milestone promo card. Spotify assigns a custom url to each of the promo cards you created and links them to your artist profile.

Charts milestones: spotify artists can now create promo cards when their tracks are among the platform’s top global weekly songs top 50. The promo card reflects an artist’s achievement by displaying the track’s chart position and its graphics. The chart playlist updates on fridays.

Visit artists.spotify.com/promocards if you want to celebrate your success with a milestone promo card. Choose your song that qualifies for a milestone and replace “focus” with “milestone” on the customize stage. Then, hit “share.”

You can also choose an artist who is eligible for a milestone. If a track or an artist qualifies for the feature, the “focus” option appears on the customize stage. If not, you won’t see the “focus” section.

Also, you can create a chart promo card on the spotify charts site. Select your eligible song and click the “more” button next to it. Then, select share promo card and download it. Share your promo cards on twitter or facebook. You can tag @spotifycharts if you share it on twitter.

  • More languages

Spotify promo cards site is now available in additional six languages bringing it to 11. Italian, dutch, turkish, japanese, russian, and korean are the added languages. You can now celebrate your milestones and latest releases with fans across the globe.

  • More playlists

Spotify announced additional 30 playlists that are eligible for promo cards in the new update. The addition increased the eligible playlists to 95. Modus mio and bollywood butter are among the added playlists.

Currently, promo cards are part of the latest releases on spotify. When you search for your song, eligible playlist promo cards will be displayed.

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