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Best New Different Type of Step Stool of 2020

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Step Stool

Step Stool Chair

Something that is very popular is the step stool chair. This is popular because a regular folding step stool isn’t the nicest looking thing to have to hang around your kitchen. It just doesn’t blend in and sort of looks out of place. The idea with a chair is that it looks like a regular chair that can be converted into a step stool.

You can actually use the chair as a regular chair whenever you want. When you need to get something up high you can pull out steps that you can use to climb up the chair.

This is something that I haven’t seen much of in other homes, but I really like it. I have an image over to the right to give you a good idea of what one of these look like and how they work. You can clearly see that the steps pull out under the chair and you can use that for climbing.

The chair actually looks just like a high chair in ordinary situations. You can also find it in many different colors and I’ve even seen it in retro red. I’m not a big fan of having it that color, but it is available if you want a step stool chair that looks like that.

There are a number of places to pick this up, but I haven’t seen them in the common retail stores like Wal-Mart. I suggest going the online route and use Amazon’s website. You can get a really good deal and they seem to have a huge selection of items available. Just click on the link below to see what is available to you.

Toddler Step Stool

I’m personally a big fan of the toddler step stool. This is something that many homes don’t have. I think for that reason it can be tough to teach your children about discipline and chores. Something that I have is a nice step stool that they can use at the sink so they can learn how to do the dishes. It is just a little thing for them to do that teaches them how to clean something and eventually I turn that into a chore for them. It’s something that makes them responsible and it’s nice to start it out early.

There are other uses for a toddler step stool, for things like brushing their teeth. I think it is important to teach your children how to brush on their own because they’ll appreciate the skill. I’m sure if you looked hard enough you could find a folding step stool that you could easily put away after they’re done. But Just a simple stool in your bathroom and kitchen is nice for your children. If you would like to see the ones that are available then please click on the link below.

Rubbermaid Step Stool

A big brand that you should look into is the Rubbermaid step stool brand because they make pretty good ones. They actually make a lot of different kinds that are made out of a lot of different materials. A lot of people think that they just make them out of plastic (and they do have a lot made out of plastic).

But you can get the standard makes too that are made out of metal and are very strong. You can also get a folding step stool made from Rubbermaid, so you should be able to find whatever you’re looking for.

But as you can probably guess is the plastic Rubbermaid step stools that seem to be the best sellers. As you can guess plastic is pretty strong, light and is built to last a long time. Another thing you’ll appreciate about it being made out of plastic is that it is much cheaper than what you would pay for the same thing made out of metal. Those are about the biggest reasons why a person should go with the Rubbermaid brand. If you would like to browse some of their items then take a look at the link below.

Support Handle Foot Stool

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of footstools and a big setback for seniors is that they don’t have something to hold on to with your hands. A support handle is going to be a big feature for a lot of people. It is quite tall and you can grab onto it. It will also protect you from falling over or something like that since it is actually quite high up.

Low to the Ground Stool

Obviously, the higher a stool goes, the more likely it is going to slide and the more likely that it might tip over. Even though stools don’t typically tip over, it could still happen. The low to the ground stools do give a little extra length for a senior, but it keeps it in a very stable position, so there is no chance of falling.

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