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Steps for the fat transfer surgery to face in Ludhiana.

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Fat Transfer

Another name for the fat transfer is fat grafting or fat injection. It is the type of procedure the fat is replaced from one place to another place in your body. It is called fat transfer. In this article, you will know about the steps for the Fat Transfer to Face in Ludhiana.

Explain about the elaborate procedure for the fat transfer to the face?

An elaborate procedure for the Fat Transfer to Face in Ludhianais given by,

First, your surgeon will harvest the fat from your body. Then the fat is washed and purified and injected into your face. Most commonly there are three stages in fat injection surgery. They are given by,

Stage 1: The first stage is harvesting the fat from your body. The surgeon will choose and mark the place for the fat removal with a local anesthetic. They will create a small incision and insert the cannula which is connected to a syringe to remove the fat from the selected place in your body.

Stage 2: The second stage is transfer and purification. The fat is harvested from the targeted area and then the surgeon will process the fat and prepare your fat cells for injection of fat in your face. The purification process is done to remove the impurities from the fat.

Stage 3: The third stage is placement. At last, your face will be prepared for the fat grafting. The cannula is inserted into your face by your surgeon. The fatty tissues are deposited on your face and this process is continued until the target will achieve. After the surgery, your surgeon will do the dressings or bandages over the surgery place in your face.

What are the important factors that are considered while choosing the fat surgery surgeon?

You need to consider three important factors while choosing the surgeon for Fat Transfer to Face in LudhianaThe factors are given by,

  1. Education qualification, certification, and training of the surgeon
  2. Experience of the surgeon in the fat transfer surgery
  3. You should find the comfort level with the surgeon.

If you find the best surgeon for fat transfer to face surgery you need to make an appointment immediately for your consultation. You can do research about the fee and procedure of fat injection to your face before the surgery.

How will you prepare your face for the fat transfer surgery?

Your surgeon will give the clear instruction about the surgery. They will ask you about your medical history and the physical fitness of your body. They will take the photos before the surgery for comparison.

You must stop the smoke and drugs before six weeks of surgery. You can also avoid using anti-inflammatory medication. For a better result, you can avoid both things before the surgery.

You can also arrange for your friends or family members to take you to your home after the surgery. You must be stable for the first twenty hours after the surgery. Your caretaker will get clear instruction from the surgeon for your postsurgical care.

Always look young with the help of fat transfer to face surgery!!

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