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Super cool ways to grow your YouTube channel

by Uneeb Khan
Super cool ways to grow your YouTube channel

It is common for everyone to struggle when they launch a YouTube channel for the very first time.

Have you experienced a situation where despite posting incredibly amazing videos your views barely budged?

How did you feel about that? Frustrated and hate YouTube? Well, you are not alone. Almost every YouTube channel owner would be going through an analogous situation during their initial period.

However, there are ways to get over this and grow your YouTube channel.

In this article we will discuss the step-by-step action plans to grow your YouTube channel. Are you ready?

Let us get started.

Promote your content through email

If you have an email list of your potential audience, you could send them an email newsletter with a link to your video content.

This will help you to get views for your videos, and there is a chance for people to subscribe to your channel.

In case you do not have an email list, you could use an email finder tool to find email addresses.

There are many email finder tools out there in the market, you need to pick the one that does not simply scrape data from the internet.

For instance, GetEmail.io is an ideal email finder that locates the correct email address format by using AI algorithms.

Create a pro channel page

Needless to say, an incomplete, boring, or lame channel page is not going to push anyone to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

In fact, the way your channel page appears could be a major reason why you struggled to convert viewers into subscribers.

You need to ensure that your channel page looks professional. This will increase the probability of people subscribing to your channel.

You may wonder how to create a professional channel page. You need to write a detailed “about” tab description, this will let people know more about your channel, what they can expect and how it is going to benefit them by subscribing to your channel.

For this, you can seek a graphic designer’s help to create a cool yet professional banner design or create one by yourself using Canva.

Channel icon matters

Have you ever noticed the places where a YouTube channel icon appears? Your YouTube channel icon shows up on search results, watch pages, video comments, community tab, subscriptions, related channels, featured channels, etc.

We can even say that your icon will be the first thing people will see on your channel even before they land on your channel.

Keep an eye on popular keywords

You might have the best videos ever made on your channel, but if no one finds it, you will never get any view.

Therefore, find the popularly searched keywords related to your content using YouTube autocomplete option. Use these words in your video script and description to rank better.

Plan your videos ahead

By planning ahead of time, you can produce a word-for-word script or detailed outline and can be able to create highly engaging content.

Optimize videos for SEO

In order to optimize your videos for SEO, you need to include the popular keywords in the video title. And then use the same keywords twice or thrice in your description.

Try to get more comments

Getting more comments on your videos is important because it helps to outrank your video from the rest.

YouTube considers the videos with more comments as highly engaging and boosts its rankings.

One of the ways to make people comment on your video is to ask questions in your video for which your viewers will have to just answer with one or two words.

You can even go a step further and reply to every comment.

Keep testing

By testing out diverse ways you will be able to figure out what actually works and what does not.

Maintain a journal to keep track of all your experiments, this will help you to locate the approaches that worked really well for your channel and then craft a step-by-step process of these methods.

Concluding thoughts

Did you find the pieces of information and tips shared in this article insightful? When you apply the approaches shared here, fast forward from today, I am sure you will be enjoying hundreds of views and subscribers on your YouTube channel monthly.

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