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5 Amazing Ideas To Surprise Your Father

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Surprise Your Father – Fathers are the roots of family and when it comes to his birthday. You definitely have to do something very special and amazing to make him happy. As he struggles all his life for your happiness and if you can give your old man a little smile on his face with little effort. Why not do it? 

Let’s celebrate his birthday with full enthusiasm and tell him how lucky you are to have him. When it comes to the celebration it is incomplete without flowers. Nowadays online flower delivery in Bangalore is available and you can do it easily from the comfort of your home. 

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Now you are confused about what to do? What not to do? Here are the 7 best ideas to celebrate your father’s born day and surprise him. These tricks will surely let you be a little closer to your father. 

  1. Happy Birthday, Flowers – Start his day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers lying on the table next to his bed with a note written Happy Birthday on it. You can also add suffixes like ‘Daddy Cool’ or ‘My Hero’ etc. You can buy bouquets online as they will deliver you fresh and on time. If you do it online you will also get thousands of options to choose. 
  2. Give him rest for a day – Try to give him rest. Convince him to stay at home all day and spend time with you. And you try to do little things to make him feel blessed on his birthday like put some flowers with newspapers.Get his favorite flowers and put them with all the things he uses in the morning like a newspaper, a cup of tea, etc.

    Order cake online in Delhi for best and fresh flowers. Make him his favorite dish. Encourage him to do activities that he did in his youth. Spend loads on time with him and share your stories. This will surely make him feel special. 

  3. Plan a picnic for him – You can plan a picnic for your father with his old friends or family members. Let it be a surprise for him and choose a place very carefully as that should be attached to your father’s emotions like your father’s favorite place.Or the place where your father goes with his friends or the place where your father and mother meet each other. You can organize games, fun, and food at the picnic and don’t forget to say you’re lovely speech to your father in front of everyone before the cake cutting.


  4. Gift him love his love – However, you are loved by your father whole like, and in this journey, he has given up many of his hobbies which he loved. So give him things that encourage him to recreate his hobbies, his love. Don’t forget to combine this with a tasty cake and a beautiful bouquet. 

    As you buy a bouquet online. And if you are in Bangalore it is like jelly on the top of the cake as midnight flower delivery in Bangalore is available. You can do it for your old man and make him feel all your love on his birthday. You can also make scrapbooks or family books to give to him. 

  5. Recreate old memories – You can recreate old memories of your father with old photos. Like you can organize a small get together with your father’s old friends or family members and also ask guests to bring all the old photos they have. As you can see all the old photos together and refresh your father’s memory.This get together will surely make your father happy as this will let him remember his good old days. Don’t forget to arrange his wedding album. To complete this beautiful evening you can get a birthday cake for the birthday boy and drinks. This will surely refresh all their memories and you will get to know about your father’s childhood.

These were the 5 best ideas to surprise your father on his birthday. As in all of these ideas you can also give your personalized touch because you know your father best. You know his likes and dislikes. So above all of these, what is mandatory is to celebrate and let him feel happy and blessed.

As this man always stood for you whatever the situation is. His love for you is boundless so celebrate his special with flowers, cake, balloons, everything in your reach. Because this man has done everything for you. If you are unable to do anything you can at least order the best
happy birthday bouquet for your Best Man and online flower delivery in Kolkata is available, you can do it easily. 

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