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The Art of Gifting – Explained

by John Milton
The Art of Gifting - Explained

Giving gifts is an act that has existed for thousands of years. It has been imbibed in every civilization, religion, and culture. You will find that it is not ready to leave anytime soon.

Even though giving gifts is acceptable in many civilizations and cultures, the art of gift-giving varies. The manner of giving, the reason for giving, and the place where the gifts are exchanged are important factors that differ among various people.

Hence, you need to know that gift-giving is an art form. There are also generally accepted facts about gift-giving that you need to know.

Sometimes, we put so much thought into getting gifts that we get something extravagant but useless. Sometimes, we give something useful but not special. The art of gift-giving can get complicated, and this post will help you simplify it. 

The Basics of Giving Gifts

Giving gifts has some basic rules that are not associated with the demands of culture and religion. However, there are others attached to religion and culture. For instance, a bottle of exotic wine is not the best gift for a certain religion or culture. 

Here is a list of things to understand to save you from the possibility of making those mistakes. The following are some points that you need to master before and while giving gifts.

  1. Give Gifts that Measures the Type of Relationship You Have with the Receiver
Give Gifts that Measures the Type of Relationship You Have with the Receiver

It is important to identify the needs and personality of the receiver properly. It is not possible if you do not have an established relationship with such a person.

No matter how distant you are to the receiver, try to learn a thing or two about the recipient. It will speak about how much thought you put into the gift.

For example, if a person is undergoing a strict diet plan, you would not want to offer them a box of chocolates. At the same time, someone who fancies dairy products would appreciate it if you buy cheese boards for them. A simple charcuterie board is a perfect gift for them.

When it comes to giving gifts at work, the degree of relationship you have with your coworkers will greatly affect the gift ideas for coworkers. In the end, bold and audacious gifts are meant for people close to you.

  1. Consider Giving Gifts to Show Your Support 

The world is cruel on its own, and people sometimes go through emotional stress and highly demanding issues. A gift that clearly shows you care is an act that will live forever in the memory of your loved one.

For example, if a friend is going through a health challenge, a gift that shows your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.

On another occasion, if you have a business partner with whom you have made a major accomplishment, getting them a gift to mark such an event will be written in their memories. In general, getting your friends or loved ones a gift to commemorate an event, a milestone, or even successfully pulling through a struggle will never be forgotten.

  1. Gifts Do Not Have to Be Expensive 

Keeping a friend’s interests in mind is more important than the cost of the gift itself. At least, that’s what most cultures agree with. You should try to give something that interests, pleases, and satisfies the receiver somehow.

On an occasion where your friend loves cooking, giving them a box of trendy kitchen tools, kitchen accessories, and homewares would be considered thoughtful. A parcel of expensive jewelry may be expensive but not appreciated.

At the same time, you need to consider the occasion where the gifts will be given. Giving a box of cutting boards, serving wares, and kitchen utensils is not reasonable as a birthday present.

  1. How Do You Want to Present the Gift?

Most of the time, the way you present gifts is as important as the gifts themselves. The packaging wraps and even the mood you also present strongly matter.

A fancy or plain gift wrap, along with a personalized written note that remembers your special moments and the events, would be nice. Your effort in looking for the most befitting gift should also be used or doubled to present the gift.

  1. Handmade Gifts are of High Value 

Handmade and vintage gifts are special to most people. The value it holds in the market is equally high. Your friends and acquaintances would appreciate every moment you devoted to making that crotchet, weaving those scarves, and engraving wood designs.

The value of handmade gifts is not in the gifts themselves but in the time and effort put into making each masterpiece.

  1. You Can Give Art Too

Quality and properly valued art pieces are wonderful gift options for your friends, loved ones, and acquaintances.

When it is well packaged and gifted, it stimulates the imagination and makes an art enthusiast grateful. 

However, you need to tread carefully here. If your friend is not someone who appreciates or loves art and art-related gifts, do not try to impress them with one.

  1. Simply Ask Them 

It is cool to make gifts a surprise for the recipient. Taste and desires, on the other hand, can be complicated.

Suppose you find it too hard to properly identify what gifts will wow your friends and loved ones. Simply ask them to save you the stress and the pain of your gift not being appreciated. At least, you will be at ease knowing that they really love the gift they received.

  1. Deliver it in Person
Deliver it in Person

When giving gifts, there are instances where people send gifts through a dispatch rider or logistics companies. To some, it is no big deal and should be received with the heart of love.

On the other hand, on some specific occasions, your presence is much more important than the gift itself. It will be much better for you to graze your friend’s birthday party than to send them a box of chocolates through Amazon.

So delivering your gift in person and also being present for the event can be the magic wand you need to put a seal on a forever friendship.


Gifts are important. They may be the only way your partner or a friend will know you love them. However, there are a lot of things that are associated with gift-giving. It is even an art mastered by many agencies. Therefore, every step related to giving gifts must be mastered to impress your friends if they are from a peculiar culture, race, or religion.

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