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The Best Dressing Table Lighting Ideas to Make Your Room Look Perfect

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The Best Dressing Table Lighting Ideas to Make Your Room Look Perfect

To look good is born in our natures as humans. And we take so many steps to do our best to look attractive or be a highlight of every occasion. For this, girls especially put on make-up as per the requirement for the day; whether they are going to a university, college, shopping or at the workplace. To look nice, we always have someplace in our homes dedicated to this purpose. The idea is to get ready with all the required stuff in one place. Almost all of us have a vanity (dressing table) in our homes, which may be defined differently by different people. 

What is Vanity?

A vanity, in simpler terms, is a dressing table, mostly used by females or make-up artists to keep their necessary cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories. This is where they can get ready for both formal and informal events. But here a question often comes to mind, what the basis for designing a perfect dressing table are. And what are the exquisite ideas of the lights and lighting to make your room look beautifully perfect? I will try to outline a few here, but I recommend you can go with options that suit you the best. Because in each case, there are many ideas that can be applied with one’s resources and facilities available.

Though I want to discuss the dressing table lighting ideas but feel that before elaborating on it, one must know a few of the pre-requisites.


Dressing Table Material and Design

If you are planning to buy a bedroom set, you can add the dressing table as a part of it, so that the complete bedroom looks alike and saves you on cost. And the environment is overall congruent in relation to the other objects in the room.

As far as the paint of the room is concerned, it should be lighter or in contrast to the bedroom set you have chosen.

Sometimes it may cost a lot to buy the entire bedroom set, so you can just aim for the dressing table.  

As furniture is available in many materials, it is sometimes difficult to decide what to choose from. This can be decided based on little research you do and select from metal furniture like steel, wrought iron, pure wood like Mahogany, Maple, Pine, Oak, Cherry, Beech, Ash, Walnut etc., Glass and Chipboard wood or any other material, etc.

Knowing the properties of each type of wood can help you decide on the type of furniture material you would like to select.  So once you decide on the material, decide for the color or shade that you would like to opt for. Of course, this will be in match with your existing room plan.

There are hundreds of designs under different categories, like the casual, traditional, mid-century, modern, transitional and contemporary styles one can select from. So it is your choice.

Once completed, you can decide as per your budgetary planning to go for the one best suiting your overall requirements of this dressing table and its lighting. It is mostly a rare purchase in life that we make maybe once or twice. But it is always advisable to do a little research on the furniture sellers and if they are offering any discounts. Furniture sellers often put up discounts all the year round on different occasions like Mother’s Day, Women’s day or Easter, etc. Also, you can find many online discount codes to reduce your cost. 

First the Room

I believe it matters when planning to install your dressing tables in the actual room. Whether it is rectangular or square? The size of the dressing table in conjunction with the room will make you help in deciding where to place it exactly. All of this will overall complement the look of the dressing table lighting once put on.

The Accessories

Makeup and cosmetics, tissue box cover, sitting chair, two side tables (Optional), drawers, side cabinet (Optional), two Scenery pictures on each side of the table but at a height, A medium-sized back mirror, if possible fixed on the opposite side of the dressing table for the rearview. Put the plants (artificial) just below each scenery.

So finally the dressing table lighting


Now comes the actual part because of which we have been discussing all the above. Fix two lamps above the sceneries, so that when they are lit up and give reflection downwards, this will create a special feeling. The overall dressing table lighting can come from two sources. The first being the room lights, maybe fixed on each corner of the room. The second source being the fixed light on the dressing tables. Or maybe the design is embedded as such that the bulb holders are part of the woodwork. So what sort of bulbs to use for this purpose. Incandescent lighting is a wonderful choice, but it consumes a lot of energy and in many places does not replicate natural light. Halogen or LED lighting is an excellent choice as far as dressing table mirrors with lights are concerned. The reason is that they give the skin a natural appearance and would not mislead you regarding your actual make-up and its outcome.

Really Looking Good

So are you really looking good? This is a feeling within oneself rather than an actual outcome always. But the purpose of discussing the overall above points was to create an environment that makes it viable for anyone to feel really motivated when putting up the make-up. And when you feel good yourself, this is reflected not only through the make-up you have put on but the vibes that you generate.

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