The Corona virus in China is about to get even more serious

The Corona virus in China is about to get even more serious. Chinese authorities request Chinese experts not to return to China for 2 more months.

The Corona virus in China is about to get more serious, with Chinese authorities requesting foreigners affiliated with Chinese universities to stay in China for a while. According to details, the situation caused by the Corona virus in China is getting worse. Not only China but the virus has spread to the United States and Australia.

There is a wave of concern all over the world and people are scared of this catastrophic disaster and are looking for solutions. In this regard, a Pakistani-educated Pakistani who has been to Pakistan for the holidays said that he received a message from his university which gave him a real sense of the severity of the matter. Has happened.

The message was summarized as: “The Chinese government has instructed all foreigners visiting their home country on vacation to cancel their return tickets or postpone the next one or two months. And refrain from traveling to China until further instructions are received.” After receiving a message from Chinese authorities, he said that a two-month travel ban meant that it was currently under human control. not me.

It should be noted that the Corona virus has spread badly in China, resulting in the deaths of more than 250 people while thousands of people have been infected with the virus. The Chinese government had locked down several cities in the wake of the outbreak of the virus, but now with China, the virus has started to spread across the world, while the World Health Organization has also imposed a health emergency in this regard. Many countries are taking security measures for their own citizens in this regard.

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