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The couple, who got married at the age of 18

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The couple, who got married at the age of 18, became the focus of attention on social media. From the past day there have been photos of a married couple that has been circulating all over social media, due to the age of the couple and their innocence due to the photos being viral. It is reported that the bride’s name is Namara and the bride’s name is Assad, who has recently married. The bride’s sister shared photos of the couple on the social networking site and said that my brother Asad had given Dad a girl. Said he wants to marry her.


The father went to the girl’s house to ask for a relationship and the two were married a year later.

The two will move to Oman where they will continue their studies. After the viral photos of the social media couple went viral, ‘marriage’ has become the top trend on Twitter.

Consumers say the young couple took the Islamic path instead of making any other relationship and married according to the Sunnah (Rasool SAW), they both set an example for the younger generation. One user says marriage is better than bad relationships.

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