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The Impact of Knowing South Korea Economy In Our Daily Lives

by John Milton
South Korea Economy

South Korea has undergone one of the biggest economic transitions in the past 6 decades and is still being developed today. South Korea became the 11th largest economy in the world by gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016. So what impact does it have on our daily lives? In this article, we will be discussing how South Korea economy made the world know the success of the development of the country.

Let the audience know. 

News helps keep people informed about what’s going on in the world. It covers the whole serious topic everyone should know for a better life. Topics such as politics, business, education, foreign affairs, weather forecasting, and more are covered here. News helps us inform complex processes in a simple way.

Educating the audience

As mentioned above, news broadcast is used to inform people and also to educate them about issues that are directly or indirectly related. The news can help us understand these topics and how they will affect us and others. Editorials and op-eds help us understand topics we may not have easy access to.

Guiding the audience

From the above points, we now know that it helps inform and educate people about the news. Once the audience is informed and educated about certain issues, it can help guide people on what is right and what is wrong for them. It is a great source of influence on people. Mission guidance comes to fruition once the audience falters and begins to follow and believe that everything the news says is true.

Interpreting facts and news

People tend to believe what is written because people think what is written is more true. Every journalist must keep in mind to gather information from different sources before conveying it to the audience. Journalists must read all the facts they need in the story and explain accordingly before telling the audience. Facts must be carefully explained to properly influence the audience and convince them to move in the right direction. Good news means that every fact and figure must be taken seriously and presented appropriately in the news.

Source of entertainment

People who know little about news will think it contains only serious topics, but to balance its seriousness, it often also serves as a source of entertainment. This kind of news is usually read, heard, and seen in leisure time. It covers fashion, movie reviews, hobby columns, sports news, and other smaller news. Entertainment news attracts a large audience because of its appeal.

Spreading Awareness

It helps spread awareness about serious topics happening around the world. People-centered matters such as politics, health, business, etc. For example, if a disease is spreading in a country, news plays an important role in spreading awareness about it and how to prevent it. To be a good journalist, one must pay close attention to issues and raise awareness of them.


It sometimes happens that many news channels show one thing in a repeating pattern. So it’s easy to understand that it’s an advertisement because it’s business-oriented. Many times it is a public service and public awareness message, such as about family planning, safe driving, blood donation, etc., but sometimes the advertisement has commercial connotations on certain products. Many people disliked the ad because people thought that when news channels started showing more ads, they would lose value and forget their actual duties. 

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