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The most common mistakes that high handicappers make

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The most common mistakes that high handicappers make

High handicappers face difficulty due to multiple reasons, such as choosing the incorrect equipment and many more. Many players think that correcting their high handicap is too difficult, which often discourages them from improving their game as they don’t realize that it’s common mistakes which is behind all this trouble.

So here we discuss some of the most common mistakes that high handicap golfers make during their game and why you should keep them in mind if you want to improve your game. So let’s begin.

1. Not having good balance:

Maintaining balance is really important if you want to improve your scores. Not only do you have to maintain balance before the shot, but also during and after your swing. No matter how good your swing is, but if you lose your balance while hitting the shot, it won’t turn out to be good enough. So try to improve your balance and maintain it while hitting the ball. Golfing simulator is also the best solution to improve your golfing skills and make your golfing experience more exciting.

2. Ball positioning:

Most golfers don’t realize it but not placing the ball correctly is also one of the reasons for high handicap. Even when the technique is perfect and everything else is good, not positioning the ball correctly can cause mishits. If your ball is too close, chances are you might hit a fat shot, while if the ball is too far away, it can cause swing issues. It’s best to keep the ball in proper alignment and distance from your body.

3. Wrong swing:

The best swings are mostly in a curve and circular motion. Different players who don’t have much experience trying to swing in a straight way back and through. This can easily be fixed by allowing the underarms to stay close to your body and chest throughout the swing. This will help to produce a perfect circular swing and also keep your arms relaxed, allowing you to hit better and faster shots.

4. Holding the club really tight:

You definitely need to hold club if you want to hit the ball but grabbing it too tightly and creating lots of tension in your arms is not going to help you out. This usually disturbs the golfer’s ability to swing properly, which ultimately results in lesser distance and speed.

If you want to hit the ball properly, you should start practicing holding the club lightly and not squeeze it.

5. Being too aggressive:

The most common and undoubtedly the biggest difference between low and high handicappers is the number of three-putts. The high handicapper players usually try to make the first putt and get too much aggressive, which makes them end up three-putting. So to fix this, set for a proper tap-in, train your speed, and hitting. It will definitely save you plenty of strokes each round.

6. Not using correct equipment:

Pro-players might not face this issue, but new players should definitely take a look at the specs of the equipment they are using. New players often get confused about what equipment to choose. There are tons of golf balls for high handicappers, and the same goes for other equipment too. These types of equipment are designed specifically for players having high handicap and help them improve their game.


So here, we discussed some of the most common mistakes that high handicappers make. We hope that this article is beneficial for you and helps you improve your golf game. Thanks for reading.


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