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The UK’s Top Hair Transplant Surgeon Revealed

by John Milton
The UK's Top Hair Transplant Surgeon Revealed

If you are thinking about undergoing a hair transplant, you may wonder who the Top hair transplant surgeon in the UK is. Hair transplant surgery can transform your life if you’re suffering from patchy baldness, but there are risks involved with any surgical procedure, and you don’t want to go to just any doctor! It’s essential to research and determine which specialists have the best results and have helped their patients have the most successful outcomes.


If you’re considering a hair transplant, you may wonder which method suits you. FUE hair transplant in the UK (follicular unit extraction) is the most popular method. Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between them.

  • With FUT, surgeons remove strips of skin from the back or side of your head that contains both hair follicles and skin. They then dissect these tissues into individual strands and implant them in an area where they will grow new hairs.
  • With FUE, surgeons remove single follicles directly from the scalp using tiny punches. These punched-out grafts are then transplanted to balding areas on your head, where they grow new hairs.

What is a Trichologist?

A Trichologist is a professional who specialises in the diagnosis and Treatment of hair and scalp disorders. A Trichologist must be registered with the Institute of Trichologists to practice in the United Kingdom. The London-based Institute of Trichologists offers training and registration for people wishing to work as Trichologists. In other countries, such as Canada, there are no regulations or requirements for Trichologists.

Best Trichologists in London

Are you looking for the Top hair transplant surgeon in the UK? Look no further than Dr Manish Mittal of Mittal hair clinic in London. Dr Mittal is a highly experienced and skilled surgeon who has performed over 1,000 hair transplants. He is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). There are many benefits to his clinic: Dr Mittal charges less than other surgeons in the country; he provides free consultations; he offers flexible payment plans that include instalments; he provides Skype consultations so patients can see him from their homes abroad; he offers all types of financing, including Care Credit with low monthly payments and 0% interest if paid off within six months.

How To Choose A Trichologist

When considering a hair transplant, choosing an experienced and qualified trichologist is important. You should also ensure that the surgeon is accredited by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Additionally, it would be best if you asked to see before and after photos of the surgeon’s previous patients.

You should schedule a consultation with the surgeon to discuss your specific needs and goals. The consultant will then be able to provide more information about how they can help you. In the end, remember that finding an expert in hair restoration surgery is crucial for getting results that last.

10 Tips For Looking After Your New Growth

1. Keep your head clean and free of sweat and oil.

2. Be gentle when shampooing and brushing your hair.

3. Avoid heat styling tools for the first few weeks.

4. Protect your scalp from the sun with a hat or scarf.

5. Follow your surgeon’s instructions for care and take any prescribed medication as directed.

6. Use a wide-tooth comb to untangle knots in wet hair before drying it.

7. Rinse the conditioner out thoroughly, especially if you have very thick or curly hair.

8. Use products designed for new growth such as moisturising lotion, serum, protein treatments and leave-in conditioner on wet hair before drying it.

9. Don’t let anyone touch your scalp until all stitches are removed, usually between 10 and 14 days after surgery.

10. Don’t do anything to irritate your scalp during this period: no scratching, picking at scabs or putting ointments on it without consulting your doctor first.

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