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Things to do in West New York, NJ

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Things to do in West New York

Visiting New York is on the bucket list of many global travellers. The Big Apple is an iconic city well-known worldwide and a historic entry point for immigrants that built the US. Of course, it’s impossible to conquer such a big city in one visit, but you can try. If you’re looking for less crowded neighbourhoods to start from, you can go across the Hudson River to West New York. This New Jersey township is located near the Lincoln Tunnel, bringing you to Midtown Manhattan and the biggest attraction. West New York also has an excellent view of the probably most impressive skyline globally, but you can also enjoy numerous attractions in New Jersey.

If you’re coming to arguably the most vibrant world’s city, you will need travel authorization. The best way to get it is through ESTA Visa to USA. It is a straightforward online procedure that takes three days, but it’s limited to people from countries in the Visa Waiver Program. However, with a valid ESTA, you can travel to the US in the next 24 months and stay up to 90 days in one visit.

What to do in West New York

New Jersey communities celebrate diversity, and there is no better place than Bergenline Avenue, where you can enjoy Italian, Cuban, Scottish or Irish Parade.

Suppose you’re looking for a great hike head down to Donnelly Memorial Park, a lovely public park where you will probably get the best view of the Manhattan skyline. You can take Instagram-worthy photos during the day or wait for the dark to see illuminated mighty New York’s finest skyscrapers.

There are numerous guided tours for visitors who don’t want to explore the New Jersey side independently. Tour Gordon combines sightseeing and going to shopping outlets. West New York is known for great shopping and excellent and slightly more affordable restaurants.

Free things to do in Brooklyn

On the other side of the Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge, you will come to one of the most significant parts of town. Aside from the iconic bridge and waterfront that looks at Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn has countless other attractions, and they are mostly fee.

The third-largest museum in the city is The Brooklyn Museum, which opened in 1895 that holds more than 1.5 million artworks and exhibits. Some of the featured artists in this important free museum include Georgia O’Keeffe, Edward Hopper and Edgar Degas.

A 52-acre Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an often overlooked colossal attraction. More than 900,000 visitors flock to the gardens annually to enjoy a huge collection of cherry trees, roses, native plants, outdoor thematic gardens and three indoor pavilions.

Brooklyn also has its share of historic places like The Old Stone House, a reconstruction of a Dutch 1699 house that served as an artillery house in the 1776 Battle of Long Island. The house is in sports fan memory because it served as a clubhouse for future Brooklyn Dodgers’ famous baseball team.

Did you know that Brooklyn has a beach? Coney Island has been Brookyln’s summer hotspot for over a century with a huge beach, boardwalk and amusement parks.

The best zoo in NYC

New York City has a couple of zoos, and the best is the Bronx Zoo. It is America’s largest zoo with 265 acres and more than 10000 animals and 700 species. The animal habitats try to replicate originals with African rainforest for gorillas, Asian forest for elephants and tigers, and many others. You can spend the whole day at the Bronx Zoo exploring and learning about animals.

Other notable zoos include Staten Island Zoo, Central Park Wildlife Center, Queens Wildlife Center, and Prospect Park Zoo.

If you’re looking for accommodations, the best hotels in New York are mainly in Manhattan. Kimpton Hotel Eventi and Arlo Midtown are among the best rated in the city, and public and Artezen Hotels are also popular choices. However, among thousands of NYC hotels, some are more popular, and Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites by Hilton and Stewart Hotel are some of those.

NYC souvenir ideas

It would help if you didn’t go back to your county without a viable New York souvenir. Throughout the city, you might find penny-pressing machines. IF you visit Central Park, the Statue of Liberty or other attractions, you can find pressed pennies.

If you’re looking for a more exclusive reminder of New York days, reach for a signature scent like a bottle of Bond No. 9. Each bottle has a unique design dedicated to NYC neighbourhoods.

Museum of Modern Art is a famous museum you should visit, but it’s also a place with unique artistic souvenirs. New York Yankees cap or the Statue of Liberty figurine are among the top choices. A used metro ticket could also serve as a great reminder of the Big Apple.

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