Things you need to keep in mind before going for vehicle AC services in UAE!

It’s no fun being stuck without air conditioners in the streets of Dubai, especially on a hot summer day, where temperatures reach upto150 degrees or more. So if your vehicle’s A/C system is only kicking out hot air, you need to check on a few basic things before you go for the vehicle AC services in UAE. 

Your vehicle needs AC services if its leaking refrigerant. 

You might have sometimes come across such refrigerant leakage of your car AC from the A/C unit hose connections. But have you ever wondered why this leakage happens? It’s because of an oily substance that accumulates around the hose connection. This is exactly when you need to go for vehicle AC services in the automotive maintenance shop in UAE.

Check for the condenser. If it’s blocked, you need your vehicle AC service

The purpose of the condenser of your vehicle’s air conditioning unit is to recool the hot refrigerant after being compressed which works by using the airflow that comes through the front of your car as you drive. The condenser gets blocked due to some debris, that prevents the hot air to re-cool which in turn affects the car system as it continues to operate with overheated refrigerant. If this happens, do not wait for your car’s system to cool down. Get your car AC repair done in Dubai soon!

Electrical Issues? You must go for the vehicle AC services!

Ever faced any electrical issues in your car? More than the issue itself, the most difficult problem is to be able to diagnose it as soon as the car AC stops working. But before you go frustrated, you just need to have a casual inspection of all the wiring in order to check if any wires are broken. If you find any damaged wires, make sure to get it replaced. But if you are unable to locate any electrical issues, then it’s the time to take your vehicle for AC services to an experienced dealer in UAE.

If your car’s compressor is not working, then get your vehicle AC services! 

The job of the compressor of your car is to keep the car’s A/C moving at all times without which the refrigerant would not circulate through the system and you will not get cold air There’s one more reason that does not allow the compressor to work and that is when you do not use the vehicle for a long period of time. To avoid this issue, continue to run your car’s A/C system on full swing for at least 15 minutes once every three weeks regardless of the outside temperature to help keep the compressor fresh and extend its overall lifespan. If still, your car’s compressor doesn’t work, then you really need to get your vehicle AC services done in UAE.

Did you get any burning smell from your car’s AC? Then you need vehicle AC services soon!

This happens most of the time with many of us. Did you ever come across a burning smell as soon as you switched on your car’s AC system? It’s all because the wirings of your car’s compressor got burnt which in turn prevented the vehicle ’s air conditioning system from functioning properly. If this happens again, do not wait. Just get a complete wiring replacement and the vehicle AC services done in UAE to avoid these kinds of issues further. 

You switch on the AC, and nothing happens! Go to the nearest auto workshop to get your vehicle AC services!

What if you press the AC button, the blower throws hot air instead of cold air? Do not get panic as this happens due to the compressor clutch that refuses to move when the engine is turned on. Usually, the clutches on the compressor are responsible for the movement of the pulley and make it work whenever it needs to be. Just because your car air conditioner has stopped working doesn’t mean that all is lost. AC systems in vehicles can be tricky and vary from car to car, so it’s always better to take your vehicle to the best mechanic for proper car AC repair.

Many of the AC system components are found underneath the car’s dashboard and are difficult to get. Even a simple task can turn into a 3-hour project for a person who has less knowledge about these services. So instead of wasting too much time analyzing what has happened, it’s better to google for car AC repair near me and visit ZEDGREE – the best car AC repair services based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain which have all the solutions to your vehicles’ problem. They not only do the vehicle AC services at an affordable cost but also are the renowned tyre dealers for all types of tyre brands. Why wait, when you have such a  great option right before you! You are just a click away from booking an appointment for getting your vehicle AC services done in UAE!


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