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Tips for using astrology in daily life

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Tips for using astrology in daily life

 It is possible to use astrology in daily life without having enough knowledge about everything in astrology. Presently, technology’s use could assist anyone to utilize astrology to its fullest for the benefits. However, one must rely on any best astrologer in India to get solutions for life’s problems or any other matter as they have experience in the field of astrology.

Knowing about the relationships better

  • The journey of the Moon from the new Moon to the full moon and back to the new moon; this journey has a great impact on any relationship, either positively or negatively. The position change of the moon affects the emotional aspects of any relationship, and planning of any romantic activities should be as per the movement of the moon, it would be greater as there is less probability of facing major troubles in the relationship.
  • In case anyone wanted to improve the relationship, one could devote time to the person after the new moon phase is over.
  • In case, one has a desire to put an end to any existing relationship, one needs to take a necessary step before the week of the new moon.

Lunar gardening

The moon affects the way living things grow, feel and move. The moon’s strong gravitational forces pull water from the rivers, lakes, and oceans, and it pulls water from the ground that in turn affects a wide range of plants. A waxing moon takes place when the moon size expands and it generally happens from the new moon to the full moon. You ought to devote time and attention to gardening when the moon’s size expands, as it is beneficial to plant the new flowering.

Manage time and energy

Time and energy can also be plan as per astrology; the professional astrologer could aid anyone to know when one should start any new projects and to buy a new house. The development of light of the moon could enhance energy, and when the moon’s light lowers, you become less energetic. During the 2.5 days of the full moon, one could plan to complete the major work or pending projects and the outcomes will be outstanding.

Reasons to believe in astrology

There are various reasons to believe in astrology:

  • Astrology helps to understand the personality better,
  • Astrology is as a religion is above all.
  • It balances the weak and the strong point and shows a way out.

Astrology is about the future- it is actually about the past!

Astrology is a predictive branch of knowledge, perceived as a means to know about the future. Most people wanted to know about their career, children, married life, health, etc. The birth horoscope or Kundli scientific astrology is a mirror of the past karmas. Shri Krishna mentioned in Bhagavad Gita “No one could ever remain without acting for even a moment, everyone is helplessly driven to action by nature” karma is a culmination of our actions as well as thoughts.

So, never ask an astrologer “when you will be happy” but instead ask, “Why you are unhappy” in any area of life.


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