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Top 3 Tips to Find Instagram Influencers in 2022

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Top 3 Tips to Find Instagram Influencers in 2022

When it comes to a brand’s success, every business owner already has all the marketing tactics on a single plate. Today, every business owner is smart enough to figure out that this strategy will benefit my business, and this will not. But, when it comes to implementation, a handful of tips are required irrespective of the marketing strategy as the ball is in the pit of the Marketing Head. A professional with experience will outperform the rest, but no one is perfect and requires guidance. Moreover, tips make the efforts go in the right direction.

Other marketing professionals would also use other tools like Social Scrape to make more use of Instagram.

Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategy, requires light in terms of tips & tricks. We cannot neglect the fact those were also the golden days when Influencer Marketing was just limited to celebrities. But, with the time the market has outgrown, we saw a rise in the number of influencers and marketing getting saturated. As Influencer Marketing got a success, the Marketing Personnels increased. Making a brand successful requires hard work and not just picking random people with a good number of followers. Influencer Marketing is not only about searching, but it is beyond that. Keeping all this in mind, we decided to write a blog that talks more about the tips that can help you the Instagram Influencers for your next campaign.

Now, coming to the most popular marketing strategy these days, i.e. Instagram Marketing. Then, one needs to come across various tips on how to find Instagram followers.  But, before everything else, first understand the basic parameters to follow:

  1. Understanding the exact audience, especially Demographics & Income Level
  2. The personality type of your customers to understand Likes & Dislikes
  3. Come across the competitors’ followers to learn in-depth about your potential customers
  4. Thorough Google Searches as you get a bunch of influencers that too with a strong profile
  5. Popular posts on Social Media to understand what type of content will work and have the chances of going viral

Above all, here are a few reasons you need to search Instagram Influencers like a Pro.

  • There are 1.4 Billion people worldwide using Instagram. If we rank Instagram amongst the other Social Media Platforms, it ranks on the fourth number.
  • According to Similarweb’s global rankings, Instagram stands in 5th position globally in monthly traffic.
  • Almost 170 million users from the US are using Instagram. So, the US stands in the 2nd position regarding audience size.
  • The audience from the US on Instagram is of the age group 25-34 years. If you want influencers from the US, you can get a good number of Influencers.
  • If we talk about 2019, which is almost three years, Influencer Marketing experienced a 50% hike.

Jumping on to the tips for diving how to find Instagram Influencers are:

  • Prioritize your goals and start looking for trending posts. On these posts, you will find hashtags. Now, check the account that posted that post. The huge chances are that person might be an influencer.
  • Once you start searching for the influencers on Instagram, the Social Media Platform will help you find the influencers by suggesting you in your niche.
  • Browse through the searched influencers as the people following them would-be influencers. Through this, you will find a nano influencer at least.

The above was the basic level of finding the Instagram Influencers manually. But, technology has transformed Influencer Marketing likewise. So, you can look for Tools to find Instagram Influencers. Many platforms can be used like BuzzSumo, HypeAuditor, Klear, and many others. Using these tools, you can begin your search for an influencer. Here you will be able to search based on Location, Engagement Rate, Keywords, Follower Growth and the most crucial thing, Rating.

Coming to the compensation part, which plays a significant role in Influencer Marketing. If you’re willing to hand over a product and focus on specific products, Micro-influencers can be the right fit. But, if in case planning to target influencers will a good number of followers, you need to pay them a certain amount of money. Here, you will need to consider your ROI from the Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign. You also need to work more clearly on the posts of the influencers. And, if in case you’re thinking about Video Posts, then it is going to make you pay a lot.

The Final Words!

Plan your budget smartly so that you become capable of generating profits. Also, do understand this thing that Influencers are also Humans. There are chances they might be having the other brands’ partnerships coming their way. This can further result in not meeting the commitments and falling short of your expectations. But, a good search will surely lead you to profits.

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