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Top 5 Cartier Watches for Women: Elegance, Style, and Prices

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Top 5 Cartier Watches for Women Elegance, Style, and Prices


Everywhere there are many brands in the market of luxury watches but the popularity and the reputation which people have for Cartier is completely different. Over the years, Cartier has turned into manufacture of clocks, which are not merely expected to perfectly execute their given functionality but are also representative of classy elegance. These watches have been admired on the hands of many great and gorgeous ladies and symbolize timeless elegance and sophistication. As mentioned earlier, this article focuses on the five cartier watches for women, which all possess intriguing design, exquisite workmanship, and historical backgrounds.

1. Cartier Tank Solo

Cartier’s one of the most famous collection is the Tank collection. While it goes back to 1917, the Tank collection was designed by Louis Cartier who enjoyed minimalistic design. The Tank Solo is enclosed in a rectangular case that is defined by clearly cut lines and therefore has both a universal, and at the same time, timeless design.

The Cartier wristwatch called Tank Solo (W5200003) is a classical watch which comes with a crafted stainless steel bracelet that is 34. 8mm x 27. 4mm. This is a suitable watch for the wrist of a lady and it is available in a classic design with hints of the modern. The watch comes with a beaded crown which is set by a blue synthetic spinel cabochon to bring some color in the black and white timepiece. Additional traditional features that enhance the readability include a clear silvered opaline dial with black Roman numerals and blue steel sword shaped hands.

Known faces such as Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama have been spotted wearing this Cartier Tank Solo watch and as any stylish queen should know.

2. Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier

Cartier’s blue sapphire cabochon found on the side of the case in Ballon Bleu de Cartier identifying it over other Ballon Bleu de Cartiers.

The Ballon Bleu De Cartier (W69010Z4) comes equipped with a 28mm steel case and fluted crown topped with a synthetic spinel cabochon. A floating crown that is protected by a stunning loop-like container provides the watch with a completely individual and rather aesthetically pleasing look. It also features a silvered guilloché opaline dial with Roman numerals and blue steel sword-shaped hands which give it even more sophistication. The steel bracelet linked with a polished or satin finish makes it look more luxurious.

3. Cartier Tank Anglaise

The Cartier Tank Anglaise is a more elegant aesthetic of the first Tank collection, but its character remains the same. This model was launched in 2012 and is a neat and sleek model as compared to the first 1917 launched with a more curvilinear look and the crown is incorporated into the watch case.

An externally-bonded 2mm stainless steel case with a relatively small thickness of 7. The Cartier Tank Anglaise comes with dimensions of 26. The cover must fit perfectly on the pillow; thus, the thickness is 1mm to create a relaxing and snug feel. This causes it to have a more ergonomic appearance as opposed to the geometric nature of the original Tank that had such influences from Art Deco. Symbolising the monarchy, the stainless steel crown is rose gold plated with ‘bezel’ that houses it being a standard for most Cartier watches instead of the more traditional cabochon table cut stone used.

Even the dial is quite vintage with the element of the silvered flinqué dial along with signature Roman numerals, and of course the blue steel sword-shaped hands. The bracelet is made from 18k pink gold and steel with both brushed and polished links in its construction, thus enhancing the appeal of the watch.

4. Cartier Clé De Cartier

The Clé De Cartier series which was launched in 2015 provides both functionality and classic aesthetics in watchmaking. Designed with simple lines, gentle curves, and classic Cartier beauty, the Clé de Cartier must be noted as one of the most sophisticated timepieces.

This beautiful piece is housed in a timelessly elegant 35mm case that pays homage to early Cartier watches. The dial of this watch is antireflection treated silvered flinqué sunray effect adorned with blue steel sword-shaped hands and Roman numerals in blue as well. The synthetic spinel cabochon situated on the side of the watch, called “clé”, is a hallmark of the collection: it was changed to be the sapphire.

Still, what makes the Clé De Cartier even more special is this new Calibre 1847 MC Automatic movement. With its clean lines and expertly crafted design, this watch is an ideal representation of skill and style in horology.

5. Cartier Ronde Solo De Cartier

In creating this timepiece, the Ronde Solo de Cartier has combined traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to create an unapologetic expression of style and sophistication. Classic mechanics have been elegantly updated for a watch as timeless as its fashion statement. As an edition of the Ronde Louis Cartier models, the dial of the Ronde Solo De Cartier features classical numerals against rail-track circles depicting minutes.

With regards to the design and specifications, the Cartier Ronde Solo De Cartier is 29mm in diameter. The case of this watch comprises 5mm 18K pink gold and steel and the model RO1500V-004 has only a thickness of 6mm. It comes in the dimension of about 35mm which can only fit on a lady’s wrist. The silvery opaline dial with black Roman numerals for the hour display and black circle with Arabic numerals for the 24-hour format also points to a more classical approach. Other components are fluted 18k pink gold one end of which is slightly wedged apart while in the middle a synthetic blue cabochon shaped sapphire is mounted. Lastly, a brown alligator leather strap with eighteen karat pink gold ardillon buckle towards the lower part provides a suitable complementation for both the style and elegance of this particular watch.


Cartier watches are not mere accessories in the wrist, but icons of style, class and prestige. Every timepiece in this list of the five best Cartier watches for ladies comes with its design, workmanship, and background. If you like the retro design of the Tank Solo, the quirky beat of the Ballon Bleu, the chic sophistication of the Tank Anglaise, the usefulness of the Clé De Cartier or the timeless style of the Ronde Solo De Cartier, Cartier has a watch that will suit you. Buying a Cartier watch is buying an artwork that one will treasure for the rest of their lives.

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