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Top 7 Computer Skills You Need to Learn

by John Milton
Computer Skills

Whether you already have the job you want or are looking for a new career, having computer skills is very important and useful information to know in today’s world. Almost all jobs require some level of computer knowledge. Therefore, making sure you know the most common computer skills is important for your continued success. This is one of the tips for executive assistant, if they want to succeed in their career. Here are 7 of the top computer skills you need to learn.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the programs that is a part of the Microsoft Office software. While Microsoft Excel is known for formulas and calculations and making tables, it can be useful for much more. It is a very useful skill to have for many different career paths and also for your own personal use. For example, the program can help you organize data, turn that data into charts and graphics and do many different mathematical functions for you. For personal use, it is a great way to keep track of your finances. Start by learning the basics such as how to change date format in Excel and then continue to learn all the different things that the program can do.

Microsoft Word

Another program in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, is probably the most commonly known computer program and is some of the most basic computer knowledge to have. Almost any kind of business and many different kinds of jobs require use of the program. It can be used for writing and creating anything from resumes, letters, brochures and business cards to notes, blogs, charts and everything in between. While most people know the basics of the program, it is useful to learn it more in depth because knowing everything it can do can increase your productivity.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is another very commonly used program of Microsoft Office. It is fairly simple to use and is very useful in job settings where you have to present data or information to others. If you work in a setting where you have lots of meetings to attend in order to share information, PowerPoint is a great tool to help you do that.


Typing is an obvious computer skill, but improving your speed and accuracy is important because it makes you more productive. Practicing your typing skills to become quicker and more accurate is especially important if you are or want to be a data entry clerk, transcriptionist, secretary, administrative assistant, receptionist, copy editor, writer or journalist.

Social Media

Social media is used for so much in today’s world, so knowing how to use all the different platforms is a very useful computer skill to have, especially when it comes to marketing. If you have your own business, knowing how to utilize social media platforms in order to market your product or service effectively is very important to having success. There are a lot of social media skills to master, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform, and they are all valuable to know. Being an expert at social media also means you can get a job at almost any kind of company, because almost all of them need to use social media for marketing. Social media as a skill can get you a career as a social media manager, in digital marketing, as a content manager and more.

Data Entry

Many different companies need data entry specialists because most companies deal with data on some level. Therefore, learning data entry skills and being able to quickly and accurately handle data is an important computer skill to have.


The ability to effectively conduct research is another very important skill to have. Being able to find the right information and then compile and analyze that information is very useful in many different work settings. Research skills are especially important if you want a career in areas such as business analysis, market research analysis or psychology.

If you’re looking to improve your computer skills and expand your career opportunities, learn these 7 computer skills.

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