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Top Skills That Every Accessory Designer Should Possess

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Top Skills That Every Accessory Designer Should Possess

For clothing to become a fashion statement, it needs to be paired and styled using appropriate accessories. Accessories may include Jewelry, handbags, footwear, hats, belts, scarves, etc., basically any item that accentuates clothing. There are specialized designers whose sole responsibility is to conceptualize a range that compliments the designed costumes.

But accessories are not limited to wearable ones only. In fact, non-wearable accessories like objects related to home décor or comfort products are fast becoming a rage among people and something much in demand.

Role of Accessory Designer:

  • Study Trends: A successful accessory designer must keep an eye out for past as well as current trends for him to design accessories for future use.
  • Create concepts/ideas: Accessory designers have to come up with innovative concepts. They need to ensure that their designs are relevant to the fashion clothing with which they are to be paired.
  • Research work: Lots of research work goes into designing accessories since it should adhere to consumer preferences as well as buying habits along with the current trend.
  • Type of material: Accessory designers should be well versed with the types of materials along with different patterns to come up with appropriate accessories.
  • Understanding human nature: Accessory designers should have the pulse of human nature. He should understand the reaction of his target audience to various colour schemes and patterns-for there may be certain designs that may hurt religious sentiments and are instrumental in design failure.

Top Skills of Accessory Designer:

What differentiates a regular accessory designer from a great accessory designer are the skills that he possesses. Following are the skill set that will take you forward on the path of greatness:

  • Creative & Designing skills: Accessory Designers must not only have a creative flair to come up with innovative concepts but also the ability to visualize and design something tangible and unique based on those concepts. He must have a good understanding of colours and patterns.

His designed accessories will work to enhance the overall look of the dress and not fight for attention vis-e-vis the dress.

  • Fiercely Competitive & Passionate: Accessory designers must be passionate about their work because it is this passion only that keeps them motivated to come up with unique concepts. Coupled with a competitive spirit, he will work to ensure that these concepts become trends.
  • Analytical Skills: While the idea is born out of creative thinking, its execution is the basis of the analytical mind. A person wearing both analytical and creative hats will have a successful career since he will be able to present an appropriate product adhering to both criteria.
  • Eye for Detail: Keen observation skills will help an accessory designer come up with distinctive designs that will help it stand out from the rest.
  • Awareness about trends: To stay relevant, an accessory designer must be up-to-date with the trends. Awareness about people’s tastes, preferences as well as their dislikes will not only help a designer connect with the masses but also to come up with appropriate products in suitable patterns using apt material.
  • Business Acumen: An idea needs to be sold for it to become a reality. You might come up with a brilliant thought but it becomes redundant if it is not financially viable or it doesn’t have an investor to back it up. For a successful career, an accessory designer must have the business acumen to handle his work.
  • Time Management & Decision making Skills: To guarantee a successful career, an accessory designer must not only be able to plan ahead but also should stick to his plan. He should multi-task, to achieve the committed deadlines. Besides this, he should be able to make rational decisions weighing both pros and cons. He should identify the apt alternatives and evaluate them without wasting time.    
  • Communication Skills: Good communication skills will help an accessory designer to communicate his concepts to various stakeholders without losing their essence. Good communication skill also means that you are a good listener. This will help him to be open to suggestions as well as get him to work collaboratively.

While you might have the required skills, but it’s the colleges that will not only nurture these skills but also provide competencies in technicalities and will also help you learn about lifestyle accessory designs (wearable) and other non-wearable accessories.

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