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Top Software to Check Out in 2022

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Top Software to Check Out in 2022

About Project Management Software

Before we dive into telling you the names of the top project management software for 2022, we should tell you about what these software can essentially do for you. A software for Project Management for Accountants does exactly as its name suggests; manage your project for you. All you need to do with this software is put in the details of your project and it will take care of the rest. However, do not expect too much; it is not a magic wand that you can wave and it will organize everything for you. You will need to input specific data because it will not work till you give it something to work with. 

In this piece, we will be outlining some of the key features of top project management software. We will give you details on software such as Quickbase software to Trello software. Everything which is key for these software that you need to know before making a decision about them; we will tell you. So keep reading if you would like to know more about them! 

Which Software you Should Consider 


The first software on our list is Quickbase software. Based on several Quickbase reviews available online, this software happens to be very popular among users. The features in this software which make it so popular are the template feature which gives you access to several templates, that you can choose according to your needs and even further customize to suit your wants better! Quickbase software is also cloud based which means you are able to use the software from anywhere in the world. Being cloud based means you can access the software from anywhere in the world which makes it easy to use! All in all, this feature really allows you to take advantage of your project management software. 


Trello software is also very popular and has made a big name for itself over the years. The software is also web based and allows you to use it from a mobile app or web app; whatever you prefer. Point being it can be accessed no matter where in the world you are which is very helpful. The software also has a dashboard feature which is very user friendly. The dashboard feature in this software allows you to customize it completely and match it with your needs. This feature really allows you to make sure you are using the software to its full potential by being able to design the dashboard to how you prefer! 

Aha Software

Aha software is next on our list for a number of reasons. The software has made a name for itself over the years because of how easy it is to use. The integration feature in this software really allows you to integrate your calendar into the software so that you are able to be up to date with everything in one place. You are alerted about upcoming deadlines and more on your main calendar! The roadmap feature in this software allows you to map out visually how your project will look over the course of time it takes to complete. This helps keep everyone on the same page of what they need to be doing at what point for the project to be completed on time! 

Monday.com Software

Finally we have the very popular Monday.com software. This software allows you to access a number of features which are sublime. The data visualization feature in Monday.com is often applauded in its reviews online. The software has a great visualization feature which allows you to better present the plan and data for you and your colleagues. The software also has a great collaboration feature. This feature allows you to add your colleagues to the tasks, comments and more. This increases teamwork and collaboration overall within your team and business which is very helpful! 


ProWorkflow has been around for a while and for good reason; the software is very popular and well liked! The software is popular due to its amazing mobile apps for both iOS and Android! The apps allow you to make sure you are able to use the software on the go with the software being available on your phone. The software also has a great notifications feature which alerts you about any updates you should be aware about. If you are tagged in a comment or perhaps a deadline is approaching, the software will alert you about it. This feature really helps you out in being on time and keeping things on track! 

Which Software Should you Choose

Now that we have told you in length about some software you are probably a little confused about which one you should choose. We have given you details about several software such as Quickbase software to Monday.com and more. We suggest you make a list of top required features in a software and then choose a software which gives you access to all or most of those features. 

Another great way to learn if a software is worth the money is reading reviews for it by users. For example reading Quickbase reviews will be a great way for you to learn about what users think of the software and whether they think Quickbase pricing is worth it or not! 

We also suggest you ask for a demo of the software that you are seriously considering. For example a Quickbase demo will  help you determine whether the software is right for you. We are sure whatever decision you make about which software to choose, will be the right decision for you and the needs of your business! 

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