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Top tips for finding the best root canal treatment

by M Sakhawat
Healthcare Consultants in the Post COVID-19 World

An RTC or root canal treatment is a serious treatment that involves removing the infected pulp from inside your tooth and replacing it with a filling so you can retain your natural tooth. The chances of reinfection are much lower when you get the treatment from the right dental care clinic. In the case of root canal failure, you will need to get root canal treatment again or in the worst-case scenario have your tooth removed if the damage is too much. This can prove to be quite expensive. This is one of the many reasons why you should find the best root canal treatment.

Tips to find the best dental care clinic for RTC treatment

Here are some basic ways to find the best dental care clinic for your root canal treatment.

Latest procedures

When you are going in for a rootcanal treatment, you need to ensure that the clinic provides the latest procedures. Root canal treatment is often described as an excruciating procedure. But this was before when technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. Now, the root canal treatment isn’t painful at all, and even if it is there is minimal pain involved in the procedure. The root canal treatment can be done in one session only in most cases. When you are looking for a dental care clinic, make sure they use the latest treatments to provide a pain-free root canal treatment.   

Experience and qualifications

The rootcanal treatment must be done thoroughly and properly by an experienced dentist who has the right qualifications. If it is done by someone who doesn’t have enough experience then you will likely experience a root canal failure in which case you have two options. The first is the extraction and replacement of the infected tooth. The second option is retreatment. This can add to your costs. This is why looking at the qualifications and experience of the dentist along with the accreditation of the clinic is important. You want to get your treatment from the best dental clinic for the best results so you can keep your natural tooth.


The best way to find out if a dental clinic is right for you is to book an appointment. During the first appointment, you will get to meet the dentist and you will be able to tell if he takes a patient-centered approach. Is the dentist asking you questions about your symptoms? Is he providing you with a list of options with explanations as to why they are suitable? If the answer is yes to both questions, then it means the dentist cares about your teeth’ well-being. In many cases, a root canal treatment is sufficient to clean out the infected pulp. An ideal dentist will let you know everything you need to know and will understand your symptoms before presenting a list of treatment options.

Treatment cost

Typically, a rootcanal treatment is expensive especially if your molar is the one that got infected and if more than one tooth is infected. You should factor in cost also. However, don’t make it the basis of your decision. Low-cost root canal treatments might mean they are not using the latest procedures which means the treatment can be painful for you. Moreover, the probability of reinfection is higher. However, a good clinic will get the job well done the first time so there is a very low chance of reinfection. You should definitely factor in the total treatment cost as long as that is not the final deciding factor.

How can a health card be useful for RTC treatment?

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