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A Step By Step Guide To Prune A Tree In Your Yard

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an essential process that ensures the healthy growth of the tree in your yard. This process helps in removing damaged or affected branches of the tree. Thus, this process helps in ensuring the healthy and new growth of trees.

You can also create distinctive shapes of trees with this process. But, it is very important to execute this process properly to ensure that it does not end up killing the tree.

Take professional help if you are not too confident about doing it yourself. Professionals can also provide you EAB Omaha service to protect your trees.

Here, in this article, we are going to share steps that must be followed while tree pruning:

  1. Find Out What To Prune

Before starting the pruning process, you have to decide what to prune. If you are trying to give a specific shape of the pattern to the trees in your yard, then you should first set your goals. You may be interested in Santa Cruz gardening and tree maintenance. It is important to decide which part of the tree you have to cut.

The reason for pruning will affect the pruning process. If you want to remove the affected or dead parts, then your pruning process will be different. Thus, you should first find out what to prune.

You should spend some time to inspect your tree structure. Find out the major branch of your trees that construct the entire tree skeleton. You should not remove major branches.

  1. Remove Damaged Branches

You should start with damaged branches. No matter what is the reason for the damage, it is important to get rid of damaged or affected branches. It will help to redistribute the nutrients and water that they are taking from the tree. After pruning affected parts, water & nutrients will be redistributed in the entire tree.

  1. Thin Out By Cutting Some Branches

You should cut out affected branches that cross. It will improve air circulation around the tree and also help the sun rays to every part of the plant. The sunlight is very important for the photosynthesis process in plants and trees.

If you want to have healthy trees, then you should cut down those branches that are very close. Trees branches that are very close also increase the growth of fungus and increase the probability of pest infestation.

The tree branches that are growing inward or towards the center of the tree must be removed so that they do not hinder the growth of other branches. To remove these branches, you can call a renowned arborist such as tree cutting Sydney service providers.

  1. Prune Tree To Attain Desired Tree Shape

Trees in your yard also serve an aesthetic purpose, therefore, you should prune them appropriately to attain the desired shape. To attain the neat and beautiful shape of trees, cut down add angles of branches. Just a few cuts will help bring a significant difference in the appearance of your trees.

  1. Prune During Late Fall Or Early Winter

You should prune during late fall or early winter so that this cutting does not put stress on the tree. It is very important to choose the right time for tree pruning.

It is so because in some seasons, wound created during tree pruning get infected by pests and fungus. The best time for tree pruning is when the tree sheds the leaves. It shows that the tree will not trigger new production before spring.

If any branch affected by heavy wind or storm, then you should cut that branch of a tree. You should immediately cut that branch rather than waiting for the winter season.

  1. Cut Underside Of The Tree Branch

Initially, you do not have to cut all around the branch. You should start with a mall cut underside the branch. This technique will prevent tree trunk from any unwanted cut.

The cut should be on the branch side i.e stem collar. The stem collar is a small lip of bark from where the branch starts growing. While making any cut, prevent the stem collar so that new growth can be expected.

  1. Prevent Tree Trunk From Any Cut

It is recommended to cut the tree branch several inches away from the tree trunk. You should make the second cut in the outer direction as compared to the first cut. This will help in the prevention of a tree trunk. After removing the tree branch completely, you will leave with the tree stub.

  1. Clean Your Pruning Tools

Though it is not mandatory to disinfect your pruning tools and equipment. But, you should follow this process for safety purposes. If you use your pruning tools to cut the infected tree, then you use that same tool to cut down another tree branches, then the infection may spread out

It probably is better to be safe and disinfect your pruning tools with rubbing alcohol (or any household cleaner) after each cut of a diseased tree.


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