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Types of ELearning Solutions to Empower Corporate Training

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Types of ELearning Solutions

Organizations can ensure the commitment and retention of employees by improving corporate training programs. Traditionally, staff training was provided by instructors who had expertise in certain subjects according to the company’s training needs. The company then organizes training sessions, workshops, and workshops led by media experts. All of this has changed with the advent of digital learning as a result of the introduction of the internet and here we have eLearning Solutions to improve corporate training:

Virtual Classes

These are modern forms of a professional-led program. Virtual classes help both professionals and staff participate in the program. This type of eLearning model enhances communication, engagement, and ideas.

Video Modules

This type of eLearning module contains pre-designed learning videos for the business training program. Video modules can be created with animation or with human expertise. The possibilities are endless when it comes to producing videos for the staff training program. Depending on the course, adding a video can improve an employee’s ability to remember concepts and details.

Personalized Learning

Every business has different needs for business training and every employee or group of employees has different needs when it comes to employee training. This is where customized eLearning plays an important role. In this type of eLearning service, there is a variety of capturing power to select and customize staff training programs.

Less reading

This type of eLearning module defines the delivery of content in the form of small equal data chunks. No learning module lasts 5-10 minutes and comes close to one learning goal at a time. In this way Microlearning allows employees to store information efficiently.

According to an HCM study by the Brandon Hall Group – “eLearning can reduce staff training time by up to 40-60%”. Reduced corporate training time means that employees can contribute more time to achieving their core goals. To learn more about the types of eLearning and eLearning services, please write to or visit us. We would be happy to discuss solutions and strategies that meet your needs.

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