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Types of Rakhi for your Brother: 2021 Edition

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Types of Rakhi for your Brother: 2021 Edition

Rakhi thread has its own distinct meaning and significance. This thread promises protection, care, blessing, and love throughout the rest of one’s life. Rakhi thread represents a strong link between siblings that is filled with emotions and affection. We have an incredible assortment of Rakhis for brother, child, bhaiya-bhabhi, relatives, and family members for this sibling celebration.

On the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, sisters would tie a rather plain-looking and simple thread around the wrists of their brothers, who would vow them lifetime protection. However, the sheer number of Rakhis available in the market has increased over time. Every year, sisters spend a substantial amount of time selecting from the large assortment of Rakhis that are available in the market since there are simply so many appealing options to pick from.  Continue reading to learn more about the many types of Rakhis :

Mauli Rakhi 

Mauli is primarily a red and yellow-colored thread that is often used for religious and holy purposes. The word Mauli literally means “crown.” Mauli is thought to instill happiness and shield the wearer from evil and negative influences. Mauli threads have traditionally been wound around the wrists as a sacred thread of protection. 

Rakhis with Religious Motifs 

Hindu religious motifs, such as the symbols for ‘Om’ and ‘Swastika,’ are frequently featured in the center of such rakhis. The threads vary in color and texture, and the motifs are fashioned using various materials for different rakhis.  Rakhis with religious designs have constantly remained popular choices for sisters since decades of Raksha Bandhan festivities, as the sister prays to God for her brother’s well-being while wrapping the rakhi thread around his wrist.

Zari Rakhi 

If your brother enjoys wearing gold or silver jewelry, keep second thoughts at bay by sending a rakhi made of gold or silver Zari strands. Needless to say, the rakhi will give him a very royal appearance and will arouse a decent amount of brotherly emotions in him.  


Sandalwood Rakhi 

 Sandalwood Rakhis are constructed from sandalwood; it has a pleasant scent. This will transmit a lovely aroma in sibling relationships, hence you can send rakhi to USA to your brother which is made up of sandalwood. These Sandalwood Rakhis are available in a variety of designs and patterns, including auspicious sandalwood rakhi, designer sandalwood rakhi, stylish sandalwood rakhi, and many more.

Rudraksha Rakhi

 Rudraksha Rakhi is a type of auspicious rakhi composed of beads. Rudraksha is associated with spiritual enlightenment and liberation. As a result, wearing Rudraksha Rakhis is a means to request Lord Shiva’s blessings and to wish for concentration and confidence.

Bracelet Rakhi 

Bracelet Rakhis are attractive and stylish rakhis. This section contains interesting rakhis that resemble a wrist band or a belt. We have a variety of styles for Bracelet Rakhi made of gold, silver, beads, diamonds, pearls, chains, belts, and other fashionable items. We have a wide variety of bracelet rakhis available, including gold chain bracelets, silver chain bracelets, beads belt rakhis, beads band rakhis, stone bracelet rakhis, and many more. Moreover, you can also find a great variety of bracelets on thebracelets.com.au.

American Diamond  

 An American diamond studded rakhi with an embroidered crown is ideal for your one-of-a-kind brother with a regal and elegant demeanor.  This lovely rakhi will shower your brother with love and happiness throughout his life, as well as keep sentiments of animosity and jealousy at bay.

Lumba Rakhis

 These traditional Rajasthani rakhis are sure to catch your eye because they are very aesthetically pleasing, made with a combination of mirrors, colored sequins, and danglers, but keep in mind that these rakhis are made for your sister in law or sisters, so if you are looking for a rakhi for your brother, you might want to look at the other items on this list.

Cartoon Rakhi

 Raksha Bandhan, with its colorful rakhis and delectable sweets, piques the interest of children. The delightful Cartoon rakhis are ideal for putting a smile on your little brother’s face who is a major lover of cartoon characters and spends his days watching them on television.  He’ll be excited to tie this rakhi around his wrist and show it out in front of his friends.

Photo Rakhis

Photo rakhis are a wonderful method to show your love and appreciation for your sibling; these rakhis come with space where you can add a little photograph of yourself or one with your sibling. 


May this holy and charming festival of Raksha Bandhan improve your sibling bond and bring you more joy, happiness, and laughter.

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