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UAE Travel Checklist for International Tourists

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UAE Travel Checklist

Every country has a capital and a heart. Dubai is the heart of the United Arab Emirates. There are beautiful places to see, fun and exciting activities to do, and great traditional food to taste. It’s a beautiful place for a holiday and the warm desert climate is always welcoming you-UAE Travel Checklist

The UAE has eased down restrictions and embraced the new normal. Tourist destinations and shopping malls have reopened with strict SOPs. Packing and other mishaps can be very inconvenient and ruin your entire trip. So if you’re traveling to Dubai then hang in with us. We have compiled this checklist to make sure you enjoy your trip to Dubai. If you’re a traveling enthusiast, you should reach out to a luxury car rental in Dubai to explore the city. 

luxury car rental in Dubai

This checklist includes the essential items and things you need to do before you leave for the airport. So let’s see what we have on The UAE checklist for 2021. 


Documents are the papers that let you cross the border of another country so it comes on top of everything. Make sure you’re carrying the following documents in your neck bag. 

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  • Passport, visa
  • Tickets for airline
  • Copies of passport and ticket
  • Boarding pass
  • Drivers license
  • Health insurance card
  • List of medications, letter prescriber
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Student card



Make sure you have converted your local currency to dirhams. Additionally, you should have emergency money, credit card, debit card, extra wallet, and money belt. Carrying a credit/debit card will be useful for luxury car hire in Dubai.  


A negative RT-PCR test report

All tourists traveling to Dubai must take the COVID-19 test 72 hours before departure and have the original test certificate that reports that you’re COVID negative. This applies to tourists from everywhere in the world except UAE nationals. UAE nationals can take the COVID-19 PCR test on arrival at Dubai airport. We advise you to hire a luxury car rental in Dubai to protect yourself from the virus.

Download COVID-19 DXB Smart App

Many countries have launched their apps to reduce the spread of the virus. Tourists are advised to download COVID-19 DXB smart app and give all the required details. This will help in minimizing the chances of contracting the virus. Having this app downloaded is mandatory in some places. If you’re hiring a luxury car rental in Dubai then make sure the driver has this app downloaded.

Download COVID-19 DXB Smart App

Neck Wallet

A neck wallet is a must-have for traveling somewhere. You can put all your important stuff such as passport, visa, and driver’s license in it. It will be easier and safer to carry these documents when entering crowded bazaars and packed tourist spots. A neck wallet truly comes in handy throughout your trip. 

Jet Lag Relief Pills

If you’re coming from another end of the world then you’ll need some jet lag relief pills. These pills will help you avoid exhaustion and you’re going to thank yourself for it. So don’t lose your first day to jet lag and make the most out of your trip. After all, you have worked hard to save for this trip. 

Portable Charger

In The UAE, you have got so many tourist destinations. You’ll less likely get the time to charge your phone as you’re going to be on the go for most of your trip. So do yourself a favour and put your portable charger the first thing in your hand-carry. This saves you from the low battery stress when you need your phone for navigation, photos, music and more.  

Travel Insurance for Dubai

If you travel frequently then you should consider getting travel insurance. Getting insurance will give you peace of mind and keep you covered in case of an emergency. You should try using World Nomads for their magnanimous and far-reaching coverage, which includes things like flight cancellations, lost or stolen luggage, and unforeseen medical expenses. When it comes to insurance if you’re hiring a luxury car rental in Dubai then make sure you have driving insurance as well. 

UAE Travel Checklist

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is required in emergency rooms to treat overdoses. Its toxin-absorbing properties can be lifesavers when needed. Even though the food in Dubai is luscious and exotic, your digestive system may not be used to it and this can get you in a potentially uncomfortable situation. At such times, activated charcoal is needed to bind and expel the toxins out of your system. If you have forgotten to bring activated charcoal then you can rely on luxury car hire Dubai to take you on a shopping trip.


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