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Understanding your Car’s Emergency Lights and their Purpose

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People always wonder what so many lights in their vehicles do. When you buy a new or used car in Australia, it takes a little while to get used to all its controls, including understanding all the emergency lights and their purpose. Many things in your car look like a stopwatch; there are many symbols and indicators in your modern vehicle to allow you to drive with safety and efficiency. When you find a whole set of lights on your dashboard of most makes and models of cars, buses, trucks, or SUVs, learn that you need to pay attention to them. 

The basic function and purpose of emergency lights in your cars and motorbikes is to provide an added safety and know-how of what you should do to make your driving more comprehensive. In this post, you will learn whether it is critical warning that requires drivers’ immediate attention, or whether you have time to go to a mechanic. 

What are the Warning Symbols in your Car?

When you get a new SUV or BMW, check whether your car’s dashboard has a lighting system that helps you to identify potential problem with your vehicle. The purpose of emergency lights is to identify potential issues in your car’s machinery. That way, you can avoid safety issues and immediate car failures at certain points. 

For following types of light symbols are present in most of the modern vehicles, trucks, and SUVs.

  1. Engine temperature warning lights
  2. Battery charge warning lights 
  3. Oil pressure warning lights
  4. Brake-related warning lights

There are more safety symbols in most new cars including:

  1. Transmission temperature signal
  2. Tire pressure warning light
  3. Traction control light on or off
  4. Steering wheel lock light
  5. Trailer tow hitch warning light
  6. Service vehicle warning light 
  7. Security alerts and other lights 

The list goes on and on in many new vehicles and SUVs that come with endless emergency lights to drive you crazy. However, understanding them all isn’t all that hard. Let us guide you to have a good understanding of some of these lights and what they do for you. 

Engine Temperature Warbling Light 

As the name suggest, an engine temperature warning light is a warning light that gives you a warning about your engine’s temperature. When this light is on in your vehicle, understand that your engine’s temperature is exceeding normal limits. You need to also check the coolant level of your engine and the fan operation of the engine. If some of these things are negative, you need to take an immediate action to solve your problem. 

Battery Charging Low Light 

This light is also self-explanatory. You need to understand the square signal of red color when this indicator light turns on to tell you that your vehicle’s charging system is out of power. This means that your car might not be charging properly and you need to either take it to a mechanic or do some checking on your own. In normal circumstances, this light is not turned on; whenever there is a problem with your car’s battery, this light can show you a warning. 

Oil Pressure Warning Light 

This is another one of those important emergency lights that show that you are losing oil pressure and your car’s lubrication is low or gone completely. In this case, you need to make sure that your oil levels are finding; if the oil pressure is low, fix it immediately. 

Brake Warning Lights 

When this indicator light turns on, there is something important you should understand. This means that you could be in danger because your car’s hand brake is on. If the hand break of your car remains on for a longer time, it can surely hurt the hydraulic system of your car. This can also mean that the fluid level in the cylinder is dangerously low due to a leak somewhere in the break system. Take it to a mechanic and fix the system before you run into deeper trouble. 

Now we come to discuss some of the safety signals we listed above. These dashboard lights also play a vital role in indicating an issue that needs your attention. 

Transmission Temperature 

This light means that your car’s engine temperature has exceeded the normal limits. You need to check coolant levels of your car and also its fan operation. Also check the radiator cap of your car and check if there are any coolant leaks. 

The Pressure Warning Light 

This indicator light means that the car’s pressure is lower than the normal in one or all of your tires below. 

Traction Control off Signal

This indicator lights mentions that the TCS traction control system of your car has been deactivated. 

Steering Wheel Lock

These indicator light shows that you are not able to move you’re steering because it has been locked. 

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