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Water Flosser Vs. Traditional Floss: What Dentists in Burlington Want You to Know

by John Milton
Water Flosser Vs. Traditional Floss: What Dentists in Burlington Want You to Know

Maintaining a proper dental hygiene routine is integral to preserving the health of our teeth and gums. One of the most fundamental steps in this routine is flossing. However, flossing with traditional dental floss isn’t always an appealing option for many people lately. This is where water flossers come in. Water flossers have gained quite a bit of popularity over the years. But how do they measure up to traditional flossing? In this blog post, we’ll have a detailed comparison between water flossers and traditional floss and discuss what dentist in Burlington want you to know before making a switch.

Water flossers are effective for all ages:

Traditional flossing can be challenging and intimidating for many individuals, especially for children, seniors, and those with braces or implants. Water flossers are more comfortable to use, and individuals of all ages can benefit from them. The pressure from water flossers also stimulates the gums and helps enhance circulation while removing plaque and bacteria between teeth.

Traditional Floss is cheaper:

In terms of cost-effectiveness, traditional flossing still has an edge over water flossers. Traditional floss is a more affordable option and can be stored in small spaces or even your pocket, making it portable and convenient. Water flossers, on the other hand, are an investment that requires a bit more money upfront and regular maintenance and storage space.

Water flossers don’t always mean no need for traditional floss:

Water flossers are a great addition to your dental hygiene routine and can compliment traditional flossing. While water flossers can be highly effective, they may not be able to reach certain areas in the teeth and along the gum line. Therefore, dentists in Burlington still recommend traditional floss to ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned and properly flossed.

Benefits of Water Flossers:

Water flossers have added advantages. They can be customized to suit the needs of people with different levels of sensitivity, and allow for easy control of the water pressure and temperature. They can also help massage the gums and provide a deep clean, minimizing the chances of gum disease or tooth decay.

Final thoughts:

Water flossers and traditional floss both have their pros and cons. Choosing one from the other depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and dental health needs. Both methods of flossing, when done correctly, can provide excellent results and play a crucial part in maintaining oral hygiene. It’s essential to consult with your dentist or dental hygienist to determine the best option for you.


Using a water flosser or traditional flossing both have their advantages and disadvantages. Traditional flossing requires a bit more effort, but can provide a thorough clean at a more affordable price. Water flossers are easy to use, comfortable, massaging, and less intimidating, but require regular maintenance and can impact the budget. It’s crucial to consider comfort, affordability, and effectiveness when choosing between the two methods of flossing. Dental experts in Burlington always recommend a healthy combination of both to maintain excellent oral hygiene, promote healthy gums and teeth, and avoid dental issues.

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