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How can I withdraw money from WebMoney to a bank card and money transfer

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WebMoney Money Transfer – This is not the first time I have been asked to write an article on the topic, “How to Withdraw Money from WebMoney.” Finally, I had this time, and now this article itself. The article is actually for the very lazy because in the interfaces of payment systems it’s already chewed on how to withdraw money and everything is scheduled point by point. It remains only to fill out the necessary fields and get your honestly earned – WebMoney Money Transfer

I will not chew anything, because I am sure that my dear readers are not lazy and very smart people. I will simply tell you.

There are many ways to withdraw money from WebMoney, but I will tell you only 2 of the simplest ones that I have used and use myself.


WebMoney withdrawal to a bank card

Everything is pretty simple here. We will display on the Alfa Bankcard, This is the easiest way and of all the cards in the WebMoney system, Alfa-Bank, in my opinion, is the most common.

To get started, go to your personal account and to your wallets. TD Bank Routing Number to use transfer money Then click on the desired wallet with the left mouse button and then on the line “Withdraw funds”.

In the tab that opens, select “Bank Card”, click “Details”. Then on the page that opens, select “Alpha Click.”

In the pop-up window that appears, instructions will appear on what to do next

We read it in detail and click “Continue” and enter your personal account in Alfa-Bank Internet banking. For this withdrawal method, you must be registered in the alpha click.

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Then we follow all the instructions written in the screenshot, and then everything will be easier nowhere. Now I use Sberbank, so I do not use this method anymore. I use method number 2, which is described below.


Withdraw money through WebMoney

I like this method the most since less commission and you receive immediate cash. Many will say that it’s easier to go to the card, you don’t have to go to the bank. There it was! You will still have to go to the ATM to withdraw cash. Another big plus of withdrawing WebMoney via money transfer services is that they are in almost any tank. And we now have a huge number of banks and they are located near almost everyone near the house. So, let’s begin.

We start all the same as with a credit card. We go into your personal account in the WebMoney system and return to the first screenshot. Click “Withdraw funds.” Next, in the “Money Transfer” column, click “Details”.

Next, on the page that opens, select your favorite money transfer system.

Your choice will depend on the percentage of the commission and on the location of the nearest branch. For example, in my house on the ground floor there is a Plus Bank branch, and in it are half of all the services listed above. For this, choose almost any.


After selecting one of the services, click on it, and enter the protected area. Enter login, password, and captcha. Then everything is simple. Verify the data that will be displayed by the system (name, address, etc.) and click Continue.

Select a bank branch

On the page that opens, select a bank branch in which it will be convenient to receive funds and follow the instructions.

If the nearest branch is not in the translation system of your choice, then in the window on the right (shown by the arrow) you can quickly change the system.

When everything is done, enter the required amount to receive and click “Next”. then put a tick and press “Confirm”.

Write down the transaction number or print the resulting receipt and you can slowly shoe, dress, and go to the branch of the bank where you have withdrawn funds. But it’s better to wait 30-40 minutes for a full translation guarantee.

Come to the bank and say that you need to receive a transfer through the “one you have chosen” system, and then you will figure out what to do with the bank employee!

As I said, it’s more convenient for me to output in a second way, because I do not have an Alfa Bank ATM nearby.

Hope the tutorial is helpful. Waiting for your questions or additions in the comments!

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