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Website Design Best Practices for Bringing in Customers

by M Sakhawat
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A site has different elements such as CTA, content, menu bar, sidebar, and footers. All these elements have distinct functions, yet they work together for the same goal, namely sales.

Like every physical store, being there with a product is not enough to get customers. Only when you promote and showcase your point of differentiation will you get customers. That’s much truer for online businesses. Every entity in a site matters a lot from a sales point of view.

In this blog, you will find some key elements you should focus on in web design. These elements occupy a central part in conversion rates.

Visual Hierarchy

In website designing parlance, visual hierarchy is designing your page to draw attention to essential information and add a sense of order. It’s about using size, shape, colour, contrast, positioning, and arrangement to create click-worthy CTAs.

Too many choices tire your audience and impact their purchase behaviour. They could avoid buying products or go on an impulse buying streak. If you want more sales, as a designer in website designing, you should solve this problem.

Thankfully, website designing elements help you avoid information overload for them. You can use these elements to shed the spotlight on your central elements. The data you highlight must be big and show a sense of independence from other elements. 

The font you pick is also a critical factor in the visual hierarchy. Make sure that it’s not too small and has good contrast against the background. You can use a different font for headings and a different font for CTAs to highlight crucial elements.

Another principle in the visual hierarchy is proximity. Keep related content together, and this will induce your users to think that they are somehow related. Placing objects too far will make your page look disconnected while placing them too close will create chaos and confusion. Therefore, you should strike a balance between both to create a solid visual hierarchy. 

Animated CTA

You use CTA to generate leads or get more subscribers to your newsletters. Its size, shape, colour, contrast, content, font, and placement all work together to achieve your goals. If that’s very important, you should devote more of your attention to perfecting it. A popular SEO service company will help you optimize your CTA.

One way you can do this is by creating animated CTA buttons. When doing this, you should grab attention without disrupting the flow in your site. 

If you have multiple CTAs, you can add animation to the chief CTA. With visual hierarchy, you can draw attention to the number one CTA on your page. An SEO company will help you make create a visual hierarchy.

You can also put your CTA in a container or a box and organize other elements around it. In this case, the other elements like headings and content play a supportive role. Their role is to point out to your CTA and clarify what action you want your customers to take.

White Space

The white space doesn’t qualify as a web element technically, but its role in conversions deserves mention. It’s even called “negative space which implies that it’s undervalued. Whether the name has negative connotations or not, the white space helps you get more conversions.

It provides a space for web elements to pop up, and it makes your content readable. Not only that, it suggests which direction your audience should follow in their buyer journey. 

The white space prevents crowding between your elements and makes your CTAs stand out. In content, it separates and highlights the header and the body. It enhances readability by breaking down paragraphs, sentences, and words. 

You can use negative space to tell your audience what action they should take. Make it clear and transparent about the course of action you want to take. In this way, the white space works in the background to bring you more sales.

Navigation with a Destination

The site navigation system is a powerful tool web designers have in their hands. With navigation, they can guide their audience and dictate which direction they should take next. 

If your site has multiple options and multiple dropdowns in the menu bar, it will decrease your chance of conversions. Your aim here is to make it very clear where you want your audience to go next. 

Give them only a few options to choose from. When designing, remember that less is more, and the fewer options you give them more effective it will be. One of the options in your menu bar should have a CTA that leads them to contact you.

You can give various options such as live chat, phone call, schedule a video call, and send a text message. These options will give your audience more choices to talk to you in the way they prefer.

In short, designers should design the navigation to induce customers to talk to you. Therefore, you should design your menu bar and other elements to guide your audience to contact you. When they contact you, it will be easier to convince them to buy from you.

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