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6 principles of what a modern logo should look like

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6 principles of what a modern logo should look like

Times have changed now, the things that were in fashion last year are not acceptable anymore. Businesses have transformed the way they conduct their operations, work from home has become a new norm. No matter how much we try to not involve COVID-19 in our conversation, it seems next to impossible today. Coronavirus has affected our lives and our businesses. But does it have any impact on the designs? Or our business logos? Well, not a drastic impact that one could see from afar but yes there have been minimal changes in the design industry as well. People today appreciate simplicity more than going extra length with designs and logos – What a modern logo should look like

One would agree how graphic design is a highly sought-after skill. We as customers only care about the way things look therefore there is a continuous need to produce good designs whether for logos, advertisement, videos, or web content. You do not need to be an expert designer to create a viral-able design, particularly when designing has become pretty easy with hundreds of tools available online.

Nevertheless, these tools are only one section of the whole puzzle, you still need to have an eye and brain to create new designs. Here are a few basic logo design principles that you must keep on your fingertip when working with visuals and creating graphics. 

Let’s educate you about the new logo design principles.

#1 Simplicity

6 principles of what a modern logo should look like

The best logos are those that get the customers in a single glance, what is the point of having a complicated logo that needs super extra attention and brain to understand the business and its purpose? People are religiously following the mantra of less is more today and this is how it is expected to be in the future as well. So why not cut the crap and be straightforward? Trust me nobody today has time or patience to go through the long details.

One should remember logos are the gateway to your businesses, they are used in various ways on different platforms and formats. A strong and simplest logos are easier to remember, you do not want to lag behind only because you chose to go for the complicated logo but your competitors chose the easier way. Sometimes, the easy way out is the smartest choice. 

#2 Memorability

6 principles of what a modern logo should look like

A single look at the logo should be enough to get it etched in the customer’s mind. A simple yet creative logo is the perfect combination is stay in the head of the customer for rent-free. Like any other symbol, your logo must stand for something singular and must be easily recalled if after a person looks at it. He or she should spontaneously explain the basic elements of it. A complicated and fussy logo has various layers in them which frankly speaking nobody has time to unfold. Be direct and be unique, that’s the key to make a home in your customers’ minds. 

#3 Be original

samsung logo

Copying others and taking inspiration from the competitors are too different things. Please do yourselves a favor and never settle for the “me too” logo. There are hundreds of templates available online, you have an option to go to any of them. And adjust them according to your business objectives or the audience. However, this is not how big businesses succeed. 

The best way to grab your customer’s attention with your logo is to be catchy, for that you must conduct quick research of your competitors, see what they are doing. But for heaven’s sake do not mimic them. The Telecom industry is filled with logos featuring technology, electronics, globes that includes swooshes. All you have got to do take a rough idea of the current patterns or trends and then mold it according to your own business and preferences. 

#4 Be modern and classic

6 principles of what a modern logo should look like

Your logo has to stay with you forever, and this is the only way to stay in the minds of the customers till the end. The best thing that you can do for your business is designing a logo that is timeless yet modern. The timeless things do not always have to be old and outdated. You can be pretty innovative with your logos and create some classic pieces. 

Do not settle for the things that are “hot” today, be a forecaster, predict what is going to rule the future and present and design accordingly. Modern logos are not much stylized but are quite restrained. It catches the relevant characteristics of time without losing its essence that is how your logo should be.

Moreover, your logo must always be modern and should not have a hint of the current trend once the trend is over. The design becomes outdated and that is not what you want for your logo, do you?

#5 Balanced

6 principles of what a modern logo should look like

Finding a perfect balance is not what everyone can do, a good design is the one who knows the balancing trick. The best logos are often designed using the right principles of symmetry and proportion. If you closely look at the logos of Apple and Twitter you would see how perfectly balanced are they.

#6 Should be complementary

6 principles of what a modern logo should look like

Apart from complimenting your business, your logo’s graphic device and your typeface must also complement and improve each other. In case you go for clean and linear graphic design, do not go for the complicated typeface. That’s the key, you may think it is not really a walk in the park, it is once you get your hands on it and only regular practice can make you prove it.


Business logos are used on various platforms, and it is important for them to maintain their integrity. And serve their purpose regardless of their use. A designer who has a flair for creative and smart designing understands everything and creates a logo that works fine in all circumstances. The designer will take all the other branding elements into considerations such as patterns or texture to create a perfect logo using an online logo maker tool.

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