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What are Employment Disputes, and How Can an Attorney Help you?

by John Milton
Employment Disputes

In Australia, employment disputes are widespread. According to a report, 52 disputes were reported in Australia in the June quarter of 2022. And 128,100 working days were lost, and 73,700 workers were affected in Australia. If you face various issues at work, they could be detrimental to your career or even cause stress.

However, it is essential to note that there are ways of resolving these disputes amicably or through legal means if necessary. Suppose you are facing any significant disputes or disparities at your workplace. Then, it may be helpful for you to hire trusted Australian lawyers who can assist you with the legal process and negotiate a fair resolution of workplace disputes. Read more to know how a lawyer can help you.

What are Employment disputes?

An employment dispute is a disagreement or conflict between an employer and an employee that leads to legal action. You can resolve employment disputes in the courts without litigation through mediation or arbitration.

  • A common dispute is whether an employee has been fired or dismissed.
  • If your employer has fired you, they must give you certain rights under employment law and follow a fair procedure before dismissing an employee.

It is an official dispute concerning the employee’s rights between workers and employers. Solicitors handle all kinds of employment litigation for both workers and employers.

Employment Disputes at the Workplace

  • Direct discrimination also gives rise to disputes in the workplace. It occurs when an employer treats a worker or employee unfavourably because of their race, colour, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, religion or disability. An example of direct discrimination would be if a woman filed a complaint about being sexually harassed by her supervisor. In this case, she may have grounds for filing a claim against her supervisor and the company because they allowed the behaviour to occur without taking any action against it. Directly discriminatory acts may include:
  • Refusing training opportunities based solely upon someone being part-time versus full-time;
  • Failing to provide promotion opportunities for women who were hired after men who had less seniority;
  • Improperly disciplining employees based solely on their age;
  • Bullying or assaulting an employee
  • Workplace injuries can be either physical injuries or psychological trauma.
  • Non-payment of wages.
  • Discipline or dismissal that is unfair or arbitrary.

Why Hire A Solicitor for an Employment Dispute?

If you are a worker and have been discriminated against or harassed at work, it’s essential to know your rights. You can hire trusted Australian lawyers or employment dispute solicitors to help you understand the law and help you file and fight your case.

Employment law is complicated because it covers many cases, such as wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment, wage and hour laws, and pension issues. An employee dispute lawyer can help you with your employment disputes and lawsuits. The lawyer will work with you to resolve any problems or conflicts during your employment.


Legal services in Australia have a $13.3 bn market size. And the average yearly income for a lawyer is between $85,000 and $105,000.

Hiring a lawyer who can assist you with employment law is crucial. The lawyer will help you if you face an employment dispute and guide you through resolving it. Employment disputes are complex and involve many steps, which require both legal expertise and knowledge of the law.

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