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What are the advantages of using AEM?

by M Sakhawat
What are the advantages of using AEM

The usage of cutting-edge digital technologies and solutions is required for comprehensive, customised experiences. Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) is an excellent tool for developing highly tailored customer experiences as an omnichannel marketing platform. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a robust content management system (CMS) integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) that aids in the creation of a personalised website experience across a variety of platforms. This short post will examine how Adobe Experience Manager may benefit enterprise marketing teams.

Customer interactions are vital for establishing a long-term relationship with your clients. Marketing trends are constantly changing, and businesses are always looking for strategies to remain on top of them. According to Forrester, companies may increase revenue 1.4 times faster by focusing on customer experience. Organisations use customised omnichannel solutions to provide adequate services centred around the customer experience.

The pros of Adobe’s Experience Manager

By utilising Adobe Experience Manager’s modules for website development, forms, mobile apps, community, and assets, content management and distribution are simplified. Because of these features, Adobe Experience Manager is an excellent CMS solution. Site module enables corporations to manage several websites from a single location.

Forms can be used to provide an automated user experience. Creating and maintaining mobile applications is made easier with the help of a mobile application module. Developers may get help from the community, while clients and assets can help organisations customise their content management procedures.

Adobe Experience Manager may be more easily integrated with other marketing solutions for companies.

Marketing tools and technology are often used in conjunction with firms. You can connect Adobe Experience Manager to other Adobe products and services, such as Analytics, Target, and so on. Integrating your marketing solution via the cloud is more straightforward than incorporating it into other disparate platforms. Adobe Experience Manager Connectors can also be used to integrate third-party tools.

Creating metadata and assigning tags to content can both be done automatically.

Large firms are forced to manufacture vast products to keep up with demand. This type of content generally benefits from metadata and tags when it comes to SEO. Metadata and labels can be difficult and time-consuming to apply to a large amount of data. Nevertheless, Adobe Experience Manager recognises material automatically and assigns appropriate metadata and tags, saving a significant amount of time and work.

Components that are ready to be put into action.

Developers can save time and money by using pre-installed building components (layouts, forms, processes) for website content visualisation.

High-intensity effort

Many significant firms have websites, information, and locations available in multiple languages. Teams can store and manage their materials across several channels using Adobe Experience Manager’s centralised digital asset management tools and creating dashboards. Working in a single environment streamlines project management, saves shared resources, and synchronises all crucial projects, team and task data. Multi-channel centralised support has numerous advantages.

The developer can make it their own.

When customising their websites, large organisations can take advantage of Adobe Experience Manager’s developer-driven customisation.


As a company expands, the Adobe Experience Manager solution can accommodate more and more locations. AEM provides a multi-platform and multi-device experience that is perfect for enterprises that operate globally.

Workflows for content management

Website content management and responsibility is a major task for many employees in large corporations. As a result of AEM processes, it is simple to delegate tasks to different team members.


AEM provides secure and trustworthy solutions to protect enterprises and their sensitive data.

Among the many advantages of Adobe Experience Manager is its ability to be easily integrated with other systems and its scalability and security. To help some of the world’s largest corporations reach their business objectives, Exadel’s Digital Marketing Technology Practice provides them with platforms and solutions such as Adobe Experience Cloud and Experience Manager.

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