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What Are The Factors Related To Youtube Ranking? Know About All Of Them In Detail

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What Are The Factors Related To Youtube Ranking

YouTube ranking is the most important factor when it comes to the growth and development of a channel. Therefore, it is important to spend considerable time checking the ways that could enhance your YouTube ranking. People who are involved on YouTube for a long period know everything about its algorithm. But the beginners, who have just joined the YouTube platform, are unaware of any facts related to it. Therefore, they all need to know about the algorithm and the ranking factor to increase their rankings.

The first thing is to have a good number of subscribers and likes on your YouTube channel. A beginner should Buy YouTube Likes so that they could consider starting profit table from the point. It is very difficult for a beginner to gain a complete reputation on their own. Investing in real followers and subscribers is important for people who are serious about their YouTube channel. YouTube is filled with millions of YouTubers that are making videos on several topics. Making a special position among all those is not an easy task.

Factors That Affect Youtube Ranking

  1. Describing Factors Of Your Video
  • Title:Title and description of a YouTube video matter a lot when we talk about the involvement of users in that video. The more attractive title would be people getting attracted to the video. Titles that take place in the visitor’s heart always get a chance of getting opened so that your video gets a view.
  • Description:The description that you have given for the video, along with the hashtags, would be the deciding factor for the views that will appear. No video can get as many views as a video which have included numerous hashtags. Including hashtags and taking people, you have copied or mentioned in the video is also a great option. You could also add your favorite stars to the description of the video.
  • Keyword Of Your Video:YouTube uses several keywords to decide your position in the YouTube ranking algorithm. The keywords that are attractive and get a place in many search results always get a higher ranking. Therefore you should decide the keyword properly according to the trend.
  • Thumbnails:Choosing the automatic thumbnail, you should go for a compelling thumbnail that is custom-made by you. It will automatically gain the attraction of your view words that can enhance the chances of getting likes. With greater likes, you will surely get a high place in the YouTube ranking algorithm.
  1. Retention Of Video And The Comment Sections
  • Time Retention:The views that your video gets also depend on the period for which a person watches it. If someone instantly opens your video and closes it, then the chances of getting likes and views are also less. Remember, YouTube pays keen attention to video retention. Therefore you must engage your users into viewing a good part of your video.
  • Share Links:The more share links that get shared off your video will surely enhance your ranking. Whenever anyone shares the link of your video on any social media networks such as Instagram or Facebook, you get additional points for that. Therefore always encourage your users into the video for sharing your video on different platforms.
  • Comment Section:Always keep your comment section turned on for better engagement in your video. Everybody knows that many videos get hated comments, and people also get into a fight at the YouTube videos comment section. But do you know, your comment section and the number of comments in it play a major role in deciding your YouTube ranking?
  • More Likes Then Dislikes:Always make videos that get like by the majority of people. Getting likes more than dislikes is important for the ranking of any video. Any YouTube video will never get a good ranking if they have plenty of dislikes and very few likes. So it is important to focus on your likes. You could also Buy YouTube Likes.
  1. Optimize Your Titles Timely
  • SEO Factor:Search engine optimization is a great factor that decides the ranking of any YouTube video. Therefore the elements that affect your SEO should always be optimized. These could include your channel name, description of your channel, the title of your video, and other things.
  • Channel Name:The name of your channel could be a very important factor in deciding your ranking. As a channel name that is short and very innovative gets remembered easily. Prayer for finding them and giving them is also easier than any other channel or video. This means that your channel name is really important in deciding your views.
  • Description Of Channel:When you write a description of any video, write small and descriptive language. Never exceed your description about 150 words on hardly you could go up to 200. But don’t write the entire thing that you have discussed in the video. Instead, choose to write the description in point form and small lines. This kind of description is attractive, and users read them.
  • Title Of Your Video:While deciding the title of your video, always thinks as a viewer and not as a developer. Think of titles that could attract you when you were watching videos on YouTube. Always try to make short titles that attract everybody’s eye. Most YouTubers choose to make titles and cover extremely attractive photos. This has worked a lot in deciding the ranking of any channel.
  • Tags And Characters:While adding tags, you have to be very precise and relevant. Never add tags that do not have any relevance to the subject of your video. Remember, you could add tags up to 500 characters. Consider adding short tags that have huge popularity. As the popularity of the tag which you have added could surely and hands your videos ranking considerably.

Concluding Lines

These are some of the great factors that could affect your YouTube ranking. Considering these factors before making any YouTube video will make great changes in the ranking of your video. Not only could your ranking you also enhance the likes and subscribers of your video.


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