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What are the reasons for UK visa rejection?

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UK visa rejection is more than common these days, owing to the strict and rigorous scrutiny of your applications by the Home Office.

It is imperative to understand why the visa rejection happened and how you can avoid making the same mistakes again. And amongst all the visa rejections, the most common is ILR rejection. At times, applicants tend to take ILR casually and end up losing it.

Here is an extensive list of ILR rejection reasons that you can avoid making in future.

  1. Incomplete application form:  a major reason for rejection is an incomplete application form. The Home Office checks your for multiple times, making sure the form is correctly filled out with every information asked.
  2. Incomplete documentation: another reason for rejection comes when necessary supporting documents have not been submitted while making the application. Without documentation, the application is considered incomplete.
  3. Unable to meet income requirements: if you are on a skilled worker visa and want to switch to indefinite leave to remain, an important requirement is having enough income to support yourself.
  4. Inadequate funds in the bank: it is mandatory to show enough funds in your bank account to sustain yourself and your family in the UK. The money should prove to be genuine. Avoid bulk money deposits, and it could lead to suspicion and visa rejection.
  5. Inappropriately placed documents: every supporting document that you submit must be in the order it is asked. The Home Office deals with thousands of applications everyday, if the documents are disorderly placed then it could lead to visa rejection.
  6. Spending more time abroad: An important aspect of ILR is the 90 days rule. If the applicant has stayed outside the UK for a continuous period of 90 days, then the application is likely to be rejected.
  7. Criminal record: At times visa applicants do not disclose any history of the criminal records or are not aware of it. Any discrepancy, intentional or unintentional, if the Home Office finds, they will immediately reject your application. It is best to disclose any such history if you have.
  8. Unable to show good character certificate: for any visa category bearing a good character is mandatory. If you have made any error in your previous tax returns, then the Home Office lists you as one of undesirable characters and your application is rejected.
  9. Mistakes in your application: do not take the application casually. It is advisable to take support of immigration experts to help you in making the application rather than making mistakes.
  10. Lack of expert advice:  legal experts exist to help us make our work easy, smooth, and on time. Visa application work and the process could become exhausting for you. You must seek expert guidance to help you worry less and make a smooth application process. A Y & J Solicitors have been industry experts for over ten years now, they have benefitted more than 4000 clients with proven success rate. They have one of the best immigration lawyers who understand the immigration needs of every client and provide bespoke solutions.

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