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What are the ways teachers can keep attendance management in place?

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What are the ways teachers can keep attendance management in place

We see that during school days, friends or classmates are considered the most prized possession of any student as we have seen mostly. The school lms lets the student connect. We know that peer pressure or behavior leaves a mark on the personality of all growing students as well. We understand that this one-of-its-kind innovation i.e. profiling is the latest teaching strategy adopted to boost the attendance graph in the schools at the same time. We see that as a part of this activity, the teacher can divide the class into pairs or in a group of four students each as well. Then what can be done is that the group members or partners in the case of pairs are entrusted with the responsibility to ensure regular class attendance as well. We see that this division helps the teachers keep a close tab on the reasons for students’ absenteeism at the same time. We know that regularity in attendance is not the only benefit of this innovative teaching strategy as there are several other benefits too. We know that attending school regularly directly affects the learning outcome of any student at the same time. We know that it improves the academic results of students in the examinations as well. We see that during this activity, the group members are asked to meet each other within school premises and keep a record of each other’s daily attendance as well. We know that if one of the group members is absent on a particular day, one or all other teammates visit the absentee’s house to inquire about the reason as well. We see that all the relevant details are recorded in the students’ profiles at the same time. We are aware that recognition for achievement always reaps in positive results as well. Rewards as well as recognition work wonders for school students. We know that to boost the class attendance, the students are encouraged to be regular to be applauded by the class teacher as well as school authorities. We know that according to this innovative teaching strategy, simple rewards are given to the students who maintain good attendance in school. We see that this innovation not just encourages regular students but at the same time also inspires the absentees to attend school daily as well. We see that students who show signs of improvement in class attendance are also praised for their efforts as well as are rewarded too. We see that there are different ways in which teachers reward students for improving their class attendance at the same time. We see that in one of these ways, the teacher keeps an eye on the class attendance of students. At the end of the month, those with maximum attendance are appreciated and rewarded by the class teacher as well. We know that sometimes, the teacher gives some extra playtime to these students as a reward as well. Whereas the senior students are rewarded with stationery items like pens, as well as notebooks, and many more. We know that drop-out and absenteeism in schools can be reduced by switching to other innovative classroom teaching techniques. We see that one such way is organizing quizzes as rewards for regular students as well. We know that teachers often make a list of regular and punctual students as well as involve them in various school competitions. We see that these students are also applauded in the morning school assembly and appreciated for their being present throughout the month as well. The School learning management system can be of great help as well. We see that according to this innovation for increasing class attendance, the teacher is someone who takes class attendance in school assembly as well. We see that the class with a maximum number of students is announced as the flag bearer for the day as well.  Usually, we see that the teacher assigns different colored flags to different classes depending upon the attendance of students in each class as well. We see that the attendance cards technique boosts students’ morale as well as motivates them to be present in school every day.

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