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What could a salesman do with an automated webinar?

by M Sakhawat
What could a salesman do with an automated webinar

Automated webinars were unheard of before to the epidemic, and their usage has become commonplace afterward. Because of the circumstances, many are forced to stay at home. Consequently, since we could not ignore our work and other essential responsibilities, we gradually got familiar with the idea. Automated webinars are often scheduled and managed by a computer program, which allows for more efficiency. Even if they do not need help, the webinar facilitator may prepare them in advance to ensure success. They were completed at the beginning of the conclusion of the webinar, depending on your preference.

Automated webinars are entirely automated, and since they do not need a host, they give the impression of being live. One way of doing this is by automating the start and end times of webinars. Additionally, we can automate the time at which videos begin to play throughout the webinar.

Now the question is what a salesperson could do with it?

It is possible to provide a live-streamed webinar in real-time while also recording it for later viewing by using automated webinar services. Thus, the pre-recorded webinar may be accessed more than once, according to the terms. Also implied by this is the ability to generate a series of webinars from a single webinar.

Our WebEx automated webinar program, on the other hand, is a webcast that is integrated into our webinar program, which is termed a webinar. As though it were a real-time event in front of them, it is presented to the audience as a simulation. Even though the webinar was shot in advance of the event, it is still regarded as a pre-recorded session.

You will be the only one who will need to log into the software to participate in the webinar. As soon as you’ve registered, you’ll be able to host a webinar and broadcast the live stream to participants. Moreover, you will be able to schedule it at the time and day of your choosing. In this way, you will be able to promote your webinar to the people attending it. Moreover, if you want to allow people to register for the webinar on their own time, you may give them a unique URL to your registration website. Then, in the weeks and days preceding up to an event, you may remind your visitors that they need to register for the webcast by sending them a reminder through email. You may send them a lot of different emails, even only to remind them of something. When the time comes for your live broadcast to begin, you must next take the stage and present to the audience. Finally, while you are captivating the audience with your incredible presentation, a recording of the webcast will be made for future reference.

There is no pre-recorded material at this time. An automated system is used to host a live webcast in real-time:

Let us consider the following scenario:

You have recorded a webinar using YouTube or another video-sharing service. As long as the video is in a standard video format, it is possible to include it seamlessly into pre-recorded webinars with little to no effort. Video formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, and others are supported, in addition to audio formats. As soon as that is completed, you can show the film to your audience with the same enthusiasm as if you were hosting a real-life event. To put it another way, the procedure is very similar to that of a live show.

A live webinar is considered the most effective method of training for both salespeople and businesses as a result of this. Several customers have stated that the outcomes they have obtained have been extraordinary. You will also undoubtedly wonder why you didn’t incorporate it earlier into your sales funnel after having been a user of it for some time.

Even after the event has concluded, you will access the recording by clicking on the link provided. Following that, you may distribute the link to those who registered but did not attend the event. Furthermore, you have the option of broadcasting it “live” to a completely different audience, if you wish.

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