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What do you need to know about cleaning up after a flood?

by John Milton
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Speaking of the causes of flooding, there are two basic causes which can lead to the destruction of your furniture and clothes. The first cause is your neighbors upstairs who can forget to turn off their bath or kitchen faucets, thus flooding your apartment downstairs. The second cause, which doesn’t depend on people because it’s mother nature which calls the shots – we are talking about a very widespread problem – natural disaster as a flood. Water damage is something that many people have experienced in their lifetime. You may experience water damage to your home as a result of floods, burst pipes, or overflowing toilets. Nevertheless, following these repair tips will help minimize the damage. If your home was destroyed by a hurricane, wind, cracked pipes, or leaks, a water damage restoration company in Orland Park will help you to get your property back to its original state after damage. Heavy artillery movers are used to swiftly dry a structure, and afterwards dehumidifiers are used to remove extra water. To keep the building’s moisture low and avoid the development of mould, the home must be dried.

Most people do not know what to do in such situations. All cleaning after flooding by water damage repair service usually involves pumping out the water, ventilation, and drying of things. But not everything is so simple.

If a water pipe or sewer breaks, it is important to dial water damage repair service and pump out all the water in a couple of hours and start drying the room to minimize repair costs. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most vulnerable to material deterioration after a flood. Moisture itself, with which all objects are affected, causes a lot of trouble. There should be no problems with the ventilation in the room otherwise, the drying process may take months. Furniture and other household items will become unusable. Moisture can ruin the wiring, so if the room dries for a long time, it can lead to decay, deformation of wooden materials, and the appearance of mold.

The floor deteriorates most quickly during flooding. Especially the wooden floor is deformed if not properly dried. If there was too much water, even concrete could absorb moisture. In some cases, you should get rid of the floor covering.

Stages of work after flooding:

• water pumping;

• analysis of the object for damage;

• dismantling of affected materials;

• dehumidification of the premises;

• disinfection (fight against fungus);

• odor elimination.

Professional water damage repair service selects a dehumidifier based on the size of the flooded room. Air exchange should be 4-5 times the size of the room.

Stages of dehumidification of the room with the help of dehumidifiers:

1. Prepare the room: close all windows and doors;

2. Install the dehumidifier on dry surface and turn on the “continuous drying” mode;

3. Monitor the condensate tank.

4. Since the dehumidifier has a drainage function, it is possible to maintain comfortable humidity for people by continuing to dry.

Cleaning up after a sewer flood

First of all, staff of the water damage repair service remove all water from the room. Powerful water pumps are used for pumping out wastewater. Then the room is thoroughly disinfected using a special cleaning solution.

Odor removal and disinfection

Cleaning after a sewer break must necessarily include disinfection and odor removal.

We strongly recommend that you do not skip these steps if you want to get rid of bad odors and bacteria.

For disinfection, a water damage repair service uses special solutions based on ammonium compounds. They are approved for use in residential premises for processing floors, walls, furniture, household appliances.

These cleaning products are suitable for processing various types of surfaces, do not damage them, and do not leave marks. A water damage repair service uses only certified products that effectively remove dirt and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

If you call a water damage repair service, the staff can also carry out aroma treatment of the air, refreshing the room and completely eliminating unpleasant odors with the help of a dry fog generator.

Thus, cleaning the premises after the flood makes an apartment or house completely suitable for living. The process takes several hours, and the cleaners of the water damage repair service can work at night.

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