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What I’m Doing to Be a Better Boss

by admin
What I'm Doing to Be a Better Boss

My Story

Now that I’m middle-aged, I can look back on my life and see how much I’ve accomplished since my youth—back when I was struggling to get by, and long before my business took off. I’ve learned so much about the value of hard work and perseverance, and I can finally taste the fruits of my labor.

But as much progress as I’ve made, there are still things I need to work on to become a better boss for my employees.

Here are some of the changes I’ll be implementing. 

Spending More Time with My Employees

Before I began my own business, I was a food chain employee. One thing I noticed was that my managers did not take the time to bond with me and my fellow employees, which was a shame, because among the most important aspects of a smooth-running business is the connection between employee and employer.

On one hand, a strong working relationship has real economic utility, but on the other, it’s a great way to get to know each other on a personal level.

Listening to My Employees

Far too often, employees’ opinions get shoved under the rug, and especially by big corporations.

The truth is that employee feedback is integral to understanding and resolving internal issues. I, of course, want to listen to my employees so that they can grow as workers and people.

Becoming More Understanding

If you’re under pressure, becoming more sympathetic can be difficult. After all, it’s a given that you’ll lose your cool at least once in a while.

No matter how snippy I can sometimes be, I’m actively trying to foster a calmer, more positive attitude by looking on the brighter side of life.

If you do want to become a more understanding boss, I can assure you that you will quickly develop solutions to some major business quagmires. If we’re angry and bitter all the time, it’s impossible to look at things rationally and productively!

Changing with the Times

My face, in addition to work and personal issues, has recently given me some grief. I’ve become wrinkly and saggy and, more often than not, look worn out.

While I still feel young at heart, the harsh reality is that I am getting older. So, I’ve been researching ways to look and feel better, and heard about the facelift. It’ll allow me to present a new face to the company: one that is younger, kinder, and ready to accept the changing times.

With a facelift, I’ll look more revitalized and inviting during all of my daily operations, which will do wonders for my self-confidence!

Lightening Up

Morale, whether in the army or a small business, is integral for proper team functioning.

If you want your employees to work hard for you, it’s imperative that you keep the morale high. Personally, I’m going to be looser about certain things so that my employees don’t fear me. For instance, if there is a piece of trash on the floor, I won’t make a mountain out of a molehill and start to yell; instead, I’ll simply throw it away myself, and if the habit persists, then I’ll hang up a kind reminder asking for everyone to dispose of their trash properly.

I’m also considering letting everyone go home early on Fridays so that they can get a jumpstart on the weekends—and allowing casual outfits!

Taking My Employees’ Personal Lives into Consideration

One of the most important things for a boss to remember is that employees are human beings, too, who lead lives full of challenges.

In the past, I’ve been a bit too strict with my workers about certain things—one of my pet peeves was tardiness. But there have been a few too many times when I’ve regretted being stern, so I’ll have to change my perspective a bit.

Recognizing My Own Shortcomings

Unfortunately, it can be hard for me to examine my own faults.

While I’ve done a lot of good in the last few decades and turned a serious profit with my business, some of my shortcomings still haunt me. I want my company to see me as a good leader, and to get there, I have to look into the ways I can be better and start making the changes I want to see.

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