What is a Social Media Wall

What is a Social Media Wall

It’s a moment of epiphany when you lack a tool to attract and engage with a maximum number of attendees in an event to make it complete and successful. Being an event manager you are expected to be exhilarating and distinctive with your events.

The social media wall is technology-empowered digital solutions to engage the maximum number of attendees aesthetically by aggregating social media content from various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Yammer, RSS and many more to give you an unlimited flow of user-generated content.         

Why Social Media walls for events?

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More Appealing & Aesthetic:

Social media wall for events comes with various catchy themes that keep the attendees engaged. Moreover, it brings a whole new look and feels to the way information is being passed on.

Community & Social Proof:

Social Media walls display the real-time user-generated content that helps you to build Social Proof & trust in the community. As real-time positive user-generated content is an authentic source of information and when somebody posts about your event, they create a social proof of the fact that they enjoyed it and eventually and will act as your brand ambassadors.


Projector, Big Display or even a small tv screen, you call it, social media walls are compatible with all thus giving you a wide range of options to display information while playing with the overall ambiance of the event.

Real-Time Communication:

Celebrity or well-known personality could be connected in real-time with the social walls adding a bit of luxury. And charm to an event.

Revenue from Sponsors:

Sponsorship can help you recover your social wall costs as well as generate more revenue. It builds a revenue stream through your social wall activity. Both logo placement and co-branding can help you.

User Engagement:

Live contests and pools can be conducted using the social walls that engage the audience over a longer period. Thus maintaining the buzz of the event also generates a sense of belonging among attendees.

Special Features Offered By Social Media Walls


Social Media walls give you ample of options to personalize your social media display based on the theme of your event. Gladdening your interaction and engagement with the audience alongside giving a whole new aesthetic look and feel.


Social walls give you a tool to filter out the content as per your choice thus saving you from the malicious post alongside making the wall more specific and authenticate in real-time. And this Feature also catches up the trend and prioritizes the feed accordingly thus making the wall more lively.


Social Media wall contains ample tools to design your wall one could add banners, ticker, custom post, and many other tools depending on the social media wall one is using. These tools can be used to edit the feed in the real-time according to your needs


Data is the future! In today’s era, Data analytics is preferred by retail companies, in medicine, entertainment and even in the world of sports. It has become a universal language and more important than ever before. As it seems like an advanced concept. But data analysis is really just a few ideas put into practice helping you to make the right decision in real-life social media walls provide the real-time data helping you understand your audience in a better way.

How Can We Use Social Media Walls-


Live social media contests can be conducted using the social wall keeping the audience engaged for a longer period alongside creating buzz and a sense of belonging in the event.


So Pools provide the social mood of the audience. Social walls can be used to find out what the attendees are liking or disliking about the event. If possible, it can help you make changes to the event for the better.

Live Feeds

Trending topics, comments, tweets, and the post can be displayed using social walls, giving real-time insights to the audience

Taggbox-Social Media Wall For Events

Taggbox provides  User Generated  Content that helps businesses to increase user engagement, build community trust and act as social proof on all marketing  points

Social media walls can be used to accumulate social media content from various platforms like Instagram, Facebook and many more to give you the unlimited flow of user-generated content with pleasing themes and tools.

 Taggbox provides you with amazing themes, fonts, colors, designs to choose from semantic analysis, auto-moderation and three scale prizing is something. And that something makes it unique from other UGC platforms.


With all these benefits Social Media Walls has become the next big thing in the event industry. And soon would be the necessary element for events-be it a corporate event or any other event. 

Effective user engagement, social proof, and community trust are what makes the social wall stand out from the others.

Although, you must do your homework and research properly before choosing the best suitable social media wall for your events using metrics like functionalities, compatibility, pricing, reliability, ease-of-use. And service quality.