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What is Bong – the ‘cooler’ way of smoking

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What is Bong – the ‘cooler’ way of smoking

Bong is a container with a pipe, and it is used to smoke cannabis by cooling and densifying the leaves in water. This way, some properties dilute in the water, giving you minimal harm by keeping some of the tobacco away from affecting your health. Other synonyms for bongs will be Billy, bubbler, or Binger. Though these are all slang, the container is popularly known as Bong. The word is derived from the Thai word ‘baung,’ a bamboo pipe used for smoking.

A bong generally consists of:

  • Tube or base – to inhale the smoke from. And the base is where the water is stored.
  • Downstem – A tube connected to the base for the bubbles when it’s smoked.
  • Carburetor – The hole at the base lets the clean airflow in and wipe the tube.
  • Bowl – The slot for the weed to be packed. It can be a small or a big bowl, depending on the bong.
  • Percolator – The filter for the bubbly effect.

Now that we know the definition of the bong and its parts, let’s see its mechanism. There is a base in the bottom to hold the dry weed. There is another base that has the water stored in it. When you light the dry weed, it combusts, and the water percolates through the weed when you inhale, releasing the smoke and through the pipe before entering your lungs. That is how you smoke weed through a bong pipe. It gives a lighter effect than the joint, as you roll the substance in a paper, and burn that and get a straight hit from the burnt weed. But bong is effective in giving you that high nonetheless. And that is why you should go for these gravity bongs. Gravity bongs can create a lot of smoke from a small amount of cannabis since the bong creates negative pressure that releases the smoke. So try these cheap gravity bongs that are not only available in various shapes and sizes but all effective and affordable. If you are looking for a quick hit and do not want to take long, then the best Glass Bongs will get you the high you are looking for in no time.


Like its already mentioned, the bong pipes come in all shapes and sizes. And the size of the tube or the container is measured in different forms. Like, a container can be small, but the tube can be longer. Or the tube is short, but the bong as a whole has a bigger structure. Even the amount of smoke you can intake depends on that. Some have a large base for the water or the weed. Some have longer pipes with different designs, and some are smaller in size. Some are also bigger. Big bongs could be useful if you are in the mood for leisure time and just want to enjoy yourself with the smoke. The huge bong produce more smoke, which means you will be inhaling a lot of that weed, getting high in no time. So it’s better to go for the big ones if you want to take it slow and nice. For the best big bongs out there, try this site. Their bong is affordable and creates a lot of smoke, making it efficient.

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