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What is the difference between a hoodie and a sweatshirt?

by M Sakhawat

We often get confused between sweatshirts and hoodies. They are popular among youngsters, especially teenagers and college-goers. They are easy to wear and stylish at the same time and keep you warm as well. 

We can find various ranges of hoodies for men available in the market. They are also made with the same materials and appear the same at first. Hoodies and Sweaters for women are also trendy.

How does a Sweatshirt Look? 

A sweatshirt has long sleeves and covers the upper body and the arms. It gives a sporty look and a trendy touch as well. You can pair them with jeans or sweatpants for a free movement of the body. It is ideal for wearing them during playing and exercising. It has now become an efficient part of casual wear as it offers excellent comfort. Along with that, you can find a sweater for women as well as men. 

How does a Hoodie Look? 

Hoodie generally appears like a sweatshirt but still has some significant differences. It is also called a “hooded Sweatshirt.” You will find different variations of hoodies. It also has buttons, zippers on the front to wear quickly. You can also find kangaroo pockets at the front of the hoodie. It also has a hood at the back that protects your head from the cold wind. 

However, the main difference between sweatshirts and hoodies is that hoodies cover the face. On the other side, sweatshirts for men as well as women will not cover your face. Along with that, they are also perfect for providing warmth during winters. Furthermore, to know more differences about them, read below.


Firstly, a hoodie doesn’t have any collar when it comes to hoodies for men and women. But sweatshirts have a collar.  You can wear anything beneath a sweatshirt, such as a T-shirt or a shirt. But, the apparel under a hoodie is not visible. Also, there are various sweatshirts for men and women. Hence, you can find this significant difference in every sweatshirt and hoodies


Secondly, we need to understand the materials used in hoodies and sweaters. Both these garments are generally made up of the same fabrics. The fabrics mainly include cotton and then other materials such as plastic, French Terry etc. You can also find hoodies made with leather materials as well. However, sweatshirts are majorly made up of cotton blends. 

Zipper and Buttons 

The sweater for women and men doesn’t have a button. But, you can find hoodies with buttons, zippers, hooks, etc. You will also find uptight strings to tighten up the hoodie on the head. At the same time, the hoodies for men and women are loose and comfy. Hence, when wearing a hoodie, you can choose whether you want to open the zipper or not. 

The Hood

The main thing about the trending sweatshirts and hoodies is the hood. You can find sweatshirts with or without a hood. But hoodies always come with a hood. They both cover your upper body and arms. Along with that, hoodies also covers your face. Hence, due to this reason, people get confused between a hoodie and a sweatshirt. 

Warmth and Acceptance 

The design of the hoodies can prevent you from entering significant places due to security reasons. On the other hand, you can wear sweatshirts for any casual outing anytime. Wearing a hoodie can create a negative image of the wearer. It creates suspicion and a mysterious picture, among others. 


Both sweatshirts and hoodies come with different styles and colours. You can use them accordingly to get the fashionable look. You can easily wear it for in your home and be comfortable. Along with that, you can experiment with different styles such as faux fur, zipper styles and many more. Hence, it is all upon you how you can style yourself.

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