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What Is The Eligibility To Become An Expert In Data Engineering?

by John Milton

We are living in a digital era where we can take a single step without using data. It is known that an enormous amount of data is generated on a daily basis. But this data is worthless unless it’s optimized for further usability. Here Data engineering comes into the picture that allows businesses to optimize and analyze data. Data engineering helps businesses to organize a huge amount of data ( data lakes) into a “warehouse” of uniform that results in cleaned and reliable data ready for analysis or modeling. On the other side, data analytics and data modeling are now considered the most valuable to businesses, governments, and other organizations because data engineering enables them to handle data acquisition.

Data engineering is getting popular rapidly as many stats say that it was the fastest-growing job in 2019, and still growing by 50% year on year, as reported by Dice Tech Job. It is also expected that “ The dearth of data engineers will be felt even more in 2022”, from a survey by AIM on the top AI and Data science trends for 2022. It is all due to the increased digital transformation after the pandemic and the data explosion. So there is an increased demand for perfect data engineers who can work smartly in organizations. Therefore several people are enrolling in data engineering courses to become expert data engineers as required by employers. So, this article will focus on how to become an expert Data Engineer.

Who are Data Engineers?

Before knowing about the eligibility for data engineers, let us have a short introduction about them. Simply, Data Engineers are known as IT workers who prepare data for analytical and operational uses. They have to perform many big and small responsibilities regarding building data pipelines to get valuable information from different sources and systems. They use many tools/techniques and many settings to create a system that can gather, manage, and transform raw data into meaningful information for business analysts, data scientists, and other data users to interpret/utilize. Data engineers are aimed to assess a wide range of requirements through implementing relevant database techniques to build a robust architecture. They lay down the basics of the database and its architecture.

Data Scientists are also responsible for designing, maintaining, and optimizing data infrastructure for data collection, management, transformation, process, and access. They can also handle the deep data expectations of data science and software engineering through its principles to develop algorithms that can automate the data flow process. To perform these tasks, they collaborate with data scientists to create analytical infrastructure and machine learning from testing and deployment.

Eligibility to Become an Expert Data Engineer

As it is known that there is a high demand for data experts in this IT world and data engineers play a vital role in fundamental processes in any organization. Let us know about some of the eligibility to become an expert data engineer.

  • Basic Educational Requirements- Data engineer job role is considered the most sought-after job role in this domain, and very few universities and colleges provide data engineering degrees. So these professionals are required to have a typical background in Data Science. A bachelor’s degree in any stream (computer science, software engineering, physics, applied math, statistics, or any relevant branch) is required to begin the entry job role in this domain. To become a perfect data engineer, it is required to choose the stream that involves system architecture, database configuration, programming, etc., in their curriculum. A highly advanced specialized skill set is also required to perform the data engineer’s tasks.
  • Work On Projects- Not only theoretical knowledge but some real-time experience is also required to start your career journey. You can join internships or training programs to even qualify for entry-level positions. You can also join study groups, attend hackathons with friends, and take individual projects to create a strong resume/portfolio to showcase in front of employers.
  • Gain Data Engineering Skills- After achieving fundamental knowledge, develop your data engineering skills to explore your expertise in this domain. You must have sound knowledge of basic programming languages, big data, and database skills. To become an expert, you can start with SQL basics and use it to query data.

It is also necessary for data engineers to learn how to model data, work with less structured data, use database architectures, create data pipelines, and perform data mining. You can also advance your skills by learning to process big data in streams. Tools such as Kafka, Hadoop, etc., can also help you schedule your workflow in the big data ecosystem.

 Data involves different kinds of skills mentioned below.

  • Opt for Additional Courses and Certifications- To gear up your skills and expertise, it is also required to advance your career in data engineering. So you can opt for several available master level courses and certifications that can help you throughout your career. You can choose either a master’s degree in data engineering or any advanced certification course that can help you learn technical skills like scripting, automation, Kafka, Java, Tableau, distributed systems, etc.

You can boost specific skills with vendor-specific certifications such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Cloudera, among others.

  • Pursue Higher Degrees- To become a skilled and pro-level data engineer, you must pursue higher educational degrees in streams such as engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, physics, or any relevant stream. A Master’s degree in these fields can help you a lot to boost your skills, enhance your knowledge, or start working as a data engineer or a data scientist.

In the end, we can say that following some of the important steps ( above mentioned) properly can help those who want to become an expert in data engineering. It also requires soft skills such as keen observation, critical thinking, analytical, and reasoning skills to master and explore your expertise as a data engineer. Start preparing and find your dream job role in this drastic domain.

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