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What is the ‘Focus Model’?

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What is the ‘Focus Model’

The ‘Focus Model’ consists of five levels, which is a variation of David Rock’s “Choose Your Focus” approach in his book “Quiet Leadership.” Leadership Success goes on to discuss it further below.


The Focus Model identifies five distinct approaches to consider or communicate about something. You may choose to alter levels when you are aware of these five levels and can see where your ideas or communications come from.


“F” in Focus = flexible

Determining your focus is crucial. If what you’re doing now isn’t working, be adaptable and determined to change it. Continuing with what’s not working will result in the same outcomes repeatedly.


“o” in Focus = organise

The “o” in focus, for example, stands for arranging. Are you addressing yourself from a physical and mental standpoint? Make sure to consider both your body and your surroundings when evaluating your physical self.


Consider if you are in the greatest possible state to work on your objective and, more importantly, what do you need to do?”


Another key factor to consider is your physical surroundings. Is your work area set up properly so that you can get right to work on your goal? A messy desk is like a cluttered mind, so give yourself space and be organized to work on your objective.


What do you need to do from a mental well-being standpoint to set up self-care measures to look after your mental health?


“c” in Focus = clarity

The letter “c” in focus stands for clarity. Do you truly understand what you want to achieve and why you want to do it? That is, is it beneficial to your health and the health of the people you care about, or not? If you’re not clear on this, you won’t find it simple to reach your objective.


“u” in Focus = unconscious-mind

The “u” in focus refers to your unconscious mind. We all know we have a conscious mind while we’re consciously aware of what we’re doing, and an unconscious mind that influences how we habitually act and respond when triggered.


Consider which foot, right or left, you put in your shoe first this morning. Some people are aware of it, while others aren’t – the goal is for it to be the unconscious mind at work.

Given that our unconscious mind drives 95 per cent of our daily activities, it’s critical to understand how the conscious and unconscious mind interact. It’s what we do without thinking about it regularly, so understanding what matters most to you and your values will bring clarity.


“s” in Focus = set your intention

‘Setting your intention’ is the “s” in focus. Set your goal every day, no matter how big or little the task is. It doesn’t matter how small or colossal the action is; as long as you take action daily, it will help you achieve your objective. Taking action creates momentum, which allows you.


If you’re looking for a step up in your carer and you’re looking for some assistance, why not contact Leadership Success.

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