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What is the future of digital marketing

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What is the future of digital marketing

The number of active Indian web users will reach 666 million by 2023. According to a forecast by Global Data. After the lockdown, the Indian internet business has been forecasted to be worth 7 trillion rupees by 2023.

Goldman Sachs reported that the advertising industry in India will increase by 10 times its value and approximately be worth $160 billion by 2025.

Future of digital marketing in India

India will have over 500 million internet users by June 2018, according to a poll conducted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). This would open up a wonderful commercial opportunity to sell services and products to a growing group of internet users who are tech-savvy. Now is the best time to take up an online digital marketing course and be prepared for the future!

Let’s look at the top ten reasons digital marketing has a bright future.

1. Traditional marketing has undergone significant adjustments.

The prior method of marketing was restricted to door-to-door sales and word-of-mouth publicity. Marketers previously relied on physical labor to advertise their goods. Nowadays, People expect everything to be at their fingertips. Every business desires to fulfil the needs of its customers. Digital marketing can be seen as the means to convey what a business is offering to its customers using ads and targeted content.

This digital marketing trend has people and marketers completely enthralled.

How did real estate marketing work in the past? The majority of the advertising was done through print media or banners. However, all real estate behemoths now prefer to market their pleasant homes to their consumers via the web platform. Their new credo for success is to make the material compelling.

2. The Application of Augmented Reality

AR technologies are at the top of the list of digital solutions that make it easier for small businesses to engage with their audiences. Many firms are already utilizing augmented reality technologies to propel their businesses forward in the next few years. The majority of digital marketing professionals feel that augmented reality will play a significant role in the future and assist eCommerce enterprises in charting a new course.

3. The government’s “Digital India” project bolsters this claim

The Digital India program launched by the Government of India revolutionised the public service industry as it forced them to incorporate information technology within their business. Opportunities are now available not just in large cities but also in rural communities. The government encourages the youth to enrol in job training programs where they can get a hang of the digital way to do business. Stop discussing the options and learn about the advantages they provide.

4. Omnichannel and Integrated Approach

Small businesses and entrepreneurs no longer have to limit themselves to a single Facebook page for their online presence. Businesses must be engaged on multiple digital channels and platforms in order to meet increasing market expectations and consumer wants.

Fortunately, solutions like Hootsuite already exist to help firms maintain a unified omnipresence. Businesses will be able to integrate their main message and value proposition for a specific target group across several channels in the future years. More firms will comprehend their customers’ shifting behavior, location, and preferences if they have a unified omnichannel digital marketing strategy.

5. Affordable

When compared with other marketing channels, digital marketing is definitely the most cost effective one. Gone are the days when getting an advertisement printed in the newspaper cost thousands of dollars or lakhs of rupees. It’s so simple now, thanks to digital media. If you’re a real estate company, you may use social media to market your new project to thousands of individuals at once.

Creating a Facebook ad costs roughly $40 per day, which is practically nothing. The average cost per click ranges from $0.52 to $2.3. Spending lakhs of rupees on a single advertisement versus spending only Rs. 40 each day can yield good results.

Many businesses, as well as new start-ups, are investing extensively in digital marketing. They’re searching for somebody who can create and implement digital marketing strategies tailored to their specific requirements.

6. Increased earnings from the digital classifieds market

It is also expected that money generated by digital classifieds will be five times higher than in 2015. The biggest revenue will be around $23 billion in the fiscal year 2020.

In the realm of digital marketing, all revenues will be doubled by 2020. All Indian businesses must be proficient in digital marketing in order to represent the country in the global marketplace. Not only enterprises but also persons looking for a job in this industry will find lakhs of openings in nearly every city.

What Makes a Digital Marketing Strategy Future-Proof?

What was once a popular digital marketing strategy would become obsolete in a few years? When it comes to digital marketing, there is always a paradigm change that encourages businesses and entrepreneurs to create more tailored content, follow new SEO guidelines, and use smart digital technology.

Small businesses can afford to ignore growing trends in digital marketing if they want to keep up with the times. The trick is to figure out how a particular trend will affect the digital marketing environment and your company’s position.

In 2021, the internet purchasing landscape will be more diverse, and users from ethnic minorities will seek a more inclusive approach. It’s no longer just about click-through rates when it comes to digital marketing; it’s also about how firms contextualize emerging trends and approach their target audience for diverse goals. You can make the best of the upcoming opportunities by enrolling in anadvanced digital marketing course

Make a plan for the future.

Computerized promotion will not slow down but will accelerate. You may grow your firm and gain a substantial edge by implementing effective systems and best practices and receiving recent advancements.

Artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising, chatbots, personalization, conversational advertising, and micro-minutes are examples of how the advanced business keeps moving forward. As a result, if you want to succeed in this industry, you must rejuvenate yourself and your team.

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