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What Is the Smallest Size Dumpster You Can Rent?

by John Milton
What Is the Smallest Size Dumpster You Can Rent

An interior remodeling project is never complete without handling one thing: waste disposal. The same applies if you’re decluttering your home; you may need to hire a waste disposal service.

Before renting a dumpster or committing to rental service, you’ll need to estimate the amount of debris you are likely to generate; otherwise, you could pay for more space than you need- or worse, have to make multiple trips to the dump. For an idea of what we mean, click here for Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental bin rental prices.

The materials you plan to dispose of determine the dumpster size you choose. Also, the amount of debris you intend to dispose of factors into the equation. The smallest dumpster would be ideal if you only have a small load. But what’s the smallest size dumpster you can rent? And is it the perfect option? How are dumpster sizes measured?

Although dumpster sizes vary in firmness, the smallest dumpster can be between 2 and 9 yards. Here are several factors you need to consider when sizing your load to ensure you hire a suitable container:

1. Estimate Your Waste

Generally, the amount of waste a dumpster can comfortably contain is measured in cubic yards. A dumpster’s capacity will vary depending on the type and size. For instance, a small dumpster may have a capacity of 5 cubic yards, while a large dumpster may have a capacity of 30 or 40 cubic yards. To establish a container’s cubic yards (size), we multiply the dimensions (length, width, and height), then divide the answer by 27.

The dumpster size will also affect the rental price. A small 4-yard dumpster costs $70-$200 a week. But, how do you predict the amount of debris your project will generate? Let’s face it, estimating how your junk will likely stack up in a waste container isn’t always straightforward.

Factor in the space you’re working with while attempting to make a smart guesstimate. For example, if you’re renovating a small room, you probably won’t need a large dumpster. On the other hand, if you’re reconstructing a large portion of your home, a bigger container will be handy.

Once you have an estimate of the volume of debris you’ll be dealing with, look at the available dumpster sizes for rent. Most companies will offer a range of sizes to choose from, so you should be able to find one that’s just right.

2. Practicality

A 2-yard waste bin might be a perfect option if you only have a small load. But truth be told, it can be too small to handle waste from most types of projects. Imagine renting such a dumpster only for your trash to exceed the container’s carrying capacity. What would that mean?

You will probably have to incur extra charges for renting a larger container. Or, you may have to rent multiple small-sized containers. If you are not keen, this might significantly increase your project’s costs.

Renting a 5-yard dumpster might be a much smarter choice, especially if you are unsure about the amount of waste your project will generate. This size is also perfect for most residential projects, such as:

  • Spring cleanout
  • Small home renovations
  • Landscaping

It is also a good choice for small businesses that generate moderate waste. Such a container holds the equivalent of three pickup truck loads.

Well, it might be tempting to think a 5-yard dumpster may be too big for your needs. But, adopting a cautious approach by going for such a container won’t hurt. It is easier to dispose of waste in a larger container than trying to cram everything into a smaller one.

10-yard dumpsters are also popular for residential and commercial customers. It is sizable enough to hold most common cleanup projects, yet not so large that it becomes unmanageable or too expensive to rent. When choosing a 10-yard dumpster, consider the size and weight of the materials you need to dispose of.

Also, if you are unsure which size is right for your project, the team at your local rental company can help you make the best decision. Once you have rented a dumpster, fill it evenly to avoid overloading and damaging the container. When your project is complete, simply call the rental company to have the dumpster picked up.

3. Dumpster Rental Company

Various waste management companies have what they consider the smallest dumpster. While some may offer a 2-yard container, others like Dumposaurus have a 5-yard as the smallest option. So, research well when looking for the right size for your next project.

The rental price for the smallest dumpster will also depend on the company you select. Expect a flat rate from some companies, while others may charge by the weight of the waste.

All factors considered, the smallest dumpster may not always work for everyone. Renting the smallest container may be counter-productive if you have significantly more waste to dump. Thus, when exploring available options, inquire about the capacity (volume) and price so you can go for what is likely to work best.

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